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Radiological Training for Tritium Facilities - index
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Radiological Training for Tritium Facilities
Test Administration
A test bank of questions for this training, with site specific information, should be developed and the content
validated. As the test banks are used, statistical validation of the test bank should be performed in order to
fully refine the questions and make the tests as effective as possible. The questions contained in the test bank
are linked directly to the objectives for each course. In this way, trainee weaknesses can be readily identified
and remedial procedures can be put into place. The test outcomes can also be used to document competence
and the acquisition of knowledge.
The test banks should also be used by the instructors to identify possible weaknesses in the instruction. If
numerous trainees fail to correctly answer a valid set of questions for an objective, the instruction for that
objective needs to be reviewed for deficiencies.
Written examinations should generally be used to demonstrate satisfactory completion of theoretical
classroom instruction. The following are some minimal recommendations for the test banks and tests:
Tests are randomly generated from the test bank.
Test items represent all objectives in the course.
All test bank items are content-validated by a subject matter expert.
Test banks are secured and are not released either before or after the test is administered.
Trainees receive feedback on their test performance.
Test banks undergo statistical analysis.
For the first administrations of tests, a minimum passing score of 80% should be required for a passing
score. As statistical analysis of test results is performed, a more accurate percentage for a passing score
should be identified.
Test administration is critical in accurately assessing the trainee's acquisition of knowledge being tested.
Generally, the following rules should be followed.
Tests should be announced at the beginning of the training sessions.
Instructors should continuously monitor trainees during completion of tests.
All tests and answers should be collected at the conclusion of each test.
No notes can be made by trainees concerning the test items.
No talking (aside from questions) should be allowed.
Answers to questions during a test should be provided but answers to test items should not be provided
or alluded to.
Where possible, multiple versions of each test should be produced from the test bank for each test
After test completion, trainees may turn in their materials and leave the room while other trainees
complete their tests.
Trainee scores on the tests should be held as confidential.
Program Records and Administration
Training records and documentation shall meet the requirements of 10 CFR 835.704.

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