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Page Title: What is a "Topical Committee"?
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What should I consider when developing a title for a DOE technical standard?
DOE Technical Standards Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - index

DOE Technical Standards Program
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
file before the PDF was created. When PDF files are created, changes can occur to the font type,
font size, and document margins. In addition, a Microsoft Word file is needed to post the document
on RevCom for TSP for review and comment.
What is the difference between a Reaffirmation Notice, a Change Notice and a
A Reaffirmation Notice indicates that no changes have been made to the technical standard since
its original issue. The cover will be updated to reflect the reaffirmation date. A Change Notice
indicates that changes have been made to the technical standard but do not exceed 25% of the
pages of the document. Change Notices are used to correct typographical, spelling, and numerical
errors as well as update the Preparing Activity and other minor details. A technical standard is
revised when the document requires a technical change to the text or when other types of needed
changes affect more than 25% of the pages of the document.
What is a "Topical Committee"?
Topical committees are groups of DOE and DOE contractor subject matter experts that are
recognized by the Technical Standards Program (TSP). These committees are usually organized by
specific technical areas that may have standards development, application or standardization
implications for DOE. A list of the current Topical Committees can be found on the TSP Home
How do I go about setting up a DOE Topical Committee?
You have a couple of options. Existing groups, e.g. TRADE Special Interest Groups, can
become topical committees by expanding their current charter to reflect the requirements in DOE-
TSPP-11 (DOE Technical Standards Program Topical Committees). TSPP-11 describes how
topical committees are organized and recognized under the Technical Standards Program (TSP). It
explains what the TSP expects from a DOE topical committee: preparation and review of technical
standards, interfacing with voluntary standards organizations, and reporting to the TSP. Alternately,
if a group within DOE identifies a need associated with a standards activity, they can form a topical
committee. The usual procedure has been for them to first identify a membership for the committee,
and then organize a workshop to explore the feasibility of forming the topical committee. If the
workshop determines the need for the committee, those attending it can begin the formation of the
committee themselves. The DOE Technical Standards Program Manager discussed expectations of
DOE Topical Committees in a March 9, 1998 memorandum. The memo is available on the TSP
Home Page.

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