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Page Title: Final Team Meeting
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Review Coordinator Responsibilites
Guide to Good Practices for Operational Readiness Reviews - index
Responsibilities - doe-hdbk-3012-20030020

findings are resolved. Experience indicates that this question may arise at any time during the ORR
including during the final team meeting. The decision to recommend that operations NOT be commenced
represents a significant failure on the part of the organization tasked to achieve readiness and must not be
made lightly or without clear basis in fact.
The ORR Team Leader has a significant challenge to ensure the facts clearly support a decision that
readiness has not been achieved to safely commence operations. A decision of that magnitude should be
thoughtful and not made quickly. No single team member should be permitted to inappropriately
influence the remainder of the team. The facts that support the decision should be written and factually
verified and persuasive to the team as a whole before a decision is final. The team should be required to
consider the proposal over night to ensure that the facts still lead to the same conclusion that readiness has
not been achieved and that resolution of the findings will not provide adequate confidence for the team to
recommend start of operations.
In the event that the ORR Team determines that readiness has not been achieved and that a
recommendation to start operations when the findings are resolved cannot be given, the appropriate path
forward must be defined. The ORR Team Leader must keep the Authorization Authority or contractor
senior manager who directed the ORR to start informed of the conditions and appraised of the possible
options. The final decision as to the path forward will reside with the Authorization Authority or
Contractor Senior Manager.
Options that should be considered if a recommendation to commence operations cannot be made are to
either suspend the review or to complete the review with a determination that the review is not
satisfactory. In both cases, it is understood that line management responsible for achieving readiness was
not successful. In all cases, it is important that the team provide a written report of the activities
completed, the issues identified, and the recommended path forward. In most cases, it should be possible
for the report to reflect areas of the review that were completed and satisfactory with the resolution of
identified findings. Those areas that are completed should not require additional review when the review
is restarted. These might typically include support functions such as training or maintenance as example
that might be adequate to support safe operations even though the operations themselves may not be
ready. The team that reassembles to complete the review should be of appropriate size to review the areas
that remain. In a few cases in the past, the state of readiness was so deficient that the entire review was
repeated, including the formation of a new team and the development of a new Plan of Action and a new
Implementation Plan. In cases such as that, the written report should identify the significantly deficient
status of achieving readiness and recommend that the review be repeated when readiness has been
achieved. More is required, under these circumstances, than simply resolving the findings. The entire
process for achieving readiness must be repeated with emphasis on a more successful outcome.
This is the last opportunity to work directly with team members and clarify any questions that have
persisted throughout the ORR. Final Forms 1 and 2 are due prior to this meeting, as is a draft summary
evaluation of the assigned objectives for inclusion in the final report. This is the last opportunity to
discover and address dissenting opinions and conflicts prior to presenting the ORR results to the site.
Any such issues must be addressed at this time to avoid any confusion at the closeout meeting. Since no
new information will be discussed at the final team meeting, it is appropriate that this meeting be
restricted to team members only.

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