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Page Title: Items to Note Before Proceeding With an ORR
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Review Coordinator Responsibilities - doe-hdbk-3012-20030022
Guide to Good Practices for Operational Readiness Reviews - index
Administration of the Results - doe-hdbk-3012-20030024

and implement all of the "flow down" procedures and surveillances necessary to put the
requirements of the approved safety documentation into practice. Ensure full implementation of the
safety basis.
Inadequate or incomplete evidence files or other verifiable documentation that demonstrate the
prerequisite conditions have been met may result in an inability to verify readiness has been
achieved. The Implementation Plan should clearly indicate the intentions to review these
evidence files.
A responsible representative of the line management must be prepared to demonstrate to the ORR
team that the conditions required to be met as a prerequisite to resumption, have actually been
met. In most cases, this individual will be the counterpart who is assigned to work with the
individual ORR Team member. The counterparts should be identified and utilized during the pre-
Assigned counterparts must understand their responsibility to support the ORR team member.
The counterpart must present the information and documentation requested. The counterparts
must accept responsibility for gaining information and resolving questions. The counterparts
should be fully dedicated to a single ORR team member for the duration of the ORR field work.
This expectation should be clearly defined during the pre-visit.
Lack of experience on the part of line management as to the expectations of the ORR team in the
areas of drills and evolutions expected to occur during the ORR will lead to difficulty in
completing established objectives. The Team Leader and team member must devote considerable
attention to communicating expectations to responsible line management at the facility level.
Inadequate validation and verification of operational or maintenance/surveillance procedures that
are newly prepared or recently modified will result in readiness not being achieved when the
ORR starts. An experienced ORR team leader or team member may identify concerns with the
adequacy and maturity of these procedures during the pre-visit. If problems are apparent, they
should be identified to senior management at the end of the pre-visit.
Lack of formal, structured preparation by DOE line management of the personnel, programs, and
documentation to be evaluated during the ORR will delay completion of required activities. DOE
line management should be encouraged to conduct a Management Self-Assessment to ensure that
prerequisite conditions for which they are responsible have been met. Potential problems in this
area may be apparent during the pre-visit and, if noted, pointed out to senior DOE management at
that time.
Note: It should be apparent to the observant Team Leader during the pre-visits and other ORR
preparations if difficulties with achieving readiness will be problematic. Although the ORR Team
Leader will not be able to deal with the problems directly, his identification of the problems to the
appropriate DOE or contractor line manager should be considered.
Thoroughly review the ORR Plan of Action, which, among other things, defines the scope of the
ORR and lists the prerequisites for the ORR. The success of the ORR will be enhanced if the POA
provides specific detail as to the scope of each core requirement, and defines the prerequisites in
sufficient detail. Prerequisites should be specific and define measurable conditions. If the ORR
Team Leader is identified prior to final approval of the POA, he should be included in the POA
review and approval process and should ensure that the POA contains adequate detail to support a
successful ORR. The POA should be approved as early as possible in the startup/restart process.
Gain familiarity with the facility and the project programs prior to the start of the ORR. Site access
training, facility walkthroughs, and document reviews are essential for team members to gain the
necessary familiarity with the project prior to the kickoff of the ORR.

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