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Administration of the Results - doe-hdbk-3012-20030024
Guide to Good Practices for Operational Readiness Reviews - index
Developing the Implementation Plan - doe-hdbk-3012-20030026

a detailed plan for the progression from completion of the ORR/RA to startup should be verified if a
significant difference exists between the operations that can be demonstrated and normal operations.
Communicate logistical needs and requirements to the site well in advance of the review. For example:
Specify what documents need to be available to the team and that these documents need to be in a
central location for easy access by the team during the review.
Specify that computers need to be up-to-date models. Printers and copying machines, with adequate
supplies of paper, toner, etc., need to be dedicated to the team for the duration of the review.
Specify the word processing software needed (e.g., Word, PowerPoint).
Request administrative support personnel (typists with selected software experience if at all
possible), as they are especially helpful when preparing the final pieces of documentation for the
final report.
In cases where the review involves classified facilities/operations, schedule derivative classifiers to
come to the work area and review the draft documentation at the end of the day during the last week
of the review.
Request sufficient office space and computers to support, at a minimum, each functional area sub-
group. Working in one large room is difficult since many discussions take place among site, review
team, and field office groups.
Investigate whether laptops can be brought on-site. This is usually not an option when the review
involves classified material. The site may require some form of property accountability pass.
Establish clear formal and informal communications between the facility and the review team as early as
possible. Define the "rules of the road." This will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the
ORR/RA. Explain the open, "filters off" nature of the daily team meetings, and state that other briefings
can be held with management. While important, the number and the length of these meetings should be
minimized to allow the members of the review team to do their job.
Emphasize that team members are dedicated for the duration of the review. If a team member
completes their review before the end of the ORR/RA, and is authorized to leave, their completed
Forms 1 and 2 must be signed-off (approved) by the Team Leader before they leave the site. If a
summary is due from the team member, the Team Leader must accept the summary prior to the team
member leaving the site.
Use site personnel as members of the review team but know that demands for his/her attendance to
normally assigned duties can frequently interfere. This can be mitigated somewhat by insisting that
site personnel who are team members work in the space allocated to the team for the duration of the
review, instead of in their separate office/facilities.
Use a dedicated group of team members to evaluate drills, evolutions, and upsets if possible as it can
be valuable to the team leader. A group leader can assign specific observational roles to each group
member. Having the group hold a post-event critique will allow development of a form 1 that
provides an integrated discussion of the events. The other group members can include discussions of
pertinent aspects of the event in their form 1 as required by their assigned CRAD.
Emphasize to team members the need to familiarize themselves with the Implementation Plan and the
facility/process under review before the ORR/RA. This should be accomplished through the team
members' qualification process, which should establish the minimum requirements for facility
familiarity, prior to the review. Additionally, the Team Leader is responsible in the team selection to
ensure that the team members have the required technical expertise (education/experience) to

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