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Purpose and Scope - doe-hdbk-3012-20030007
Guide to Good Practices for Operational Readiness Reviews - index
Team Selection

4. DOE validation provides DOE endorsement of the Readiness to Proceed Memorandum. DOE
validation confirms the results of the Management Self-Assessment while not being another
readiness review itself. It is performed prior to the conduct of the DOE ORR.
5. An ORR Implementation Plan is developed approximately three months before the ORR. It
establishes the team membership, defines the Review strategy (functional areas per the POA), the
Criteria and Review Approach Document (CRAD), and outlines the mechanics of the review.
Each ORR requires a separate Implementation Plan.
6. A Contractor ORR is conducted eight weeks before the ORR to confirm the facility/activity is
indeed ready for operation. It should occur only when readiness is achieved. It should parallel
the DOE ORR Review but in greater depth and culminating with a final report.
7. Resolution of findings (i.e., issues) identified during the Contractor ORR minimizes the
probability of their recurrence. Finding resolutions should address root causes, confirm DOE
oversight processes, and eliminate the possibility for similar failures. It is not a time to rush. All
findings should be resolved and fixed to the maximum extent achievable. Finding closure should
be completed three weeks prior to the ORR to permit orderly verification of the adequacy of the
resolution actions.
8. The Readiness to Proceed Memorandum is issued just prior to the DOE ORR and establishes
management=s commitment that readiness to safely commence program work has been achieved,
confirms completion of prerequisites, and identifies any open items.
9. The DOE ORR is conducted to confirm the Contractor has achieved readiness to safely start
program work and the DOE site office is prepared to oversee the operations. Generally the ORR
requires two weeks of dedicated time on site: one week of field observations that includes sharing
potential findings in real time; a second week for writing the Assessment Forms, Final Report,
and Exit Briefing.
10. Finding closure of the DOE ORR is the responsibility of the Contractor. Pre-start findings must
be accepted and verified closed by the DOE line management before operations can start. Post
start findings must have a corrective action plan (CAP) approved before startup or restart is
authorized. DOE Line Management must accept the corrective action plans for post start findings
11. Finally, the Startup Authority grants permission to commence program operation. The
facility/activity executes an approved startup plan to transition to normal operations. Briefings
are provided to internal and external oversight organization as requested. The final report is
archived, lessons learned forwarded, and information posted to the ORR web site.
3.2.1 INITIAL RESPONSIBILITIES Team Leader Responsibilities
Initial Duties: As soon as the Team Leader is identified in the POA, the Team Leader should perform the
 Comply with commitments made in the approved Plan of Action.
 Identify points of contact and support at the facility with whom the Team Leader and Review
Coordinator will interface for continuing support and information throughout the process.
 Identify the Review Coordinator.
 Contact the identified points of contact to discuss details about the upcoming ORR and negotiate
prospective dates for the pre-visit and ORR.
 Prepare a draft Implementation Plan including designation of functional areas and development of
draft CRADs.
 Send a letter or e-mail, as soon as possible after the above negotiations, formalizing the notification of
the ORR to the site points of contact (see Appendices 2, 3, 4, and 5).

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