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Sample ORR Assessment Form 1
Guide to Good Practices for Operational Readiness Reviews - index
Interviews Conducted - doe-hdbk-3012-20030045

that are not already captured by the XXX Wet Chemistry restart plan. Review non-conformance reports
(NCRs) related to Wet Chemistry for possible pre-start actions.
Review the Master Equipment Lists (MEL) of XXX's Wet Chemistry Operations' systems to ensure the
equipment is properly graded per Y15-001INS, labeled per Y10-176, and graded consistent with the safety
basis. Ensure that utility, waste, and recycle system drawings have been updated and the defined
boundaries between Wet Chemistry systems and utility systems are correctly identified. Determine
whether Plant Air System SSCs supplying XXX Wet Chemistry processes have been graded, added to the
respective utility MEL, and maintained.
Review dispositioned USQ/USQDs for design changes, special procedures and tests, and other proposed
changes against the requirements within Y74-809. Determine the status of all ongoing USQs and evaluate
their implication on operations. Review records for temporary modifications and verify required actions
are implemented.
Coordinate with the Training SME team member to review records of modifications and determines if
training and qualification of operators and support personnel is appropriately identified to support the
Interviews: Interview management, operations and support personnel responsible for configuration
management for Wet Chemistry Operations to determine if they are familiar with their roles,
responsibilities, and interfaces with the operations organization.
Shift Performance: Perform a system walk-down to determine whether there are uncontrolled
modifications to safety systems supporting Wet Chemistry Operations. This walk down should evaluate
the accuracy of drawings and other documentation for plant operation and maintenance. At least one
recently completed modification or temporary modification should be observed and changes verified,
including changes to operating procedures if applicable.
Records Reviewed:
PD-XXX-9212-OXD, Revision 1, C-1 Wing Oxide Dissolver Process Description, 6/24/02
PD-XXX-9212-PX, Revision 1, Primary Extraction and Feed Adjust Process Description
PD-XXX-9212-IE, Revision 1, C-1 Wing Intermediate Evaporators Process Description
PD-XXX-9212-SX, Revision 1, Secondary Extraction Centrifugal Contactors Process Description,
PD-XXX-9212-IE, Revision 2, B-1 Wing Wiped-Film Evaporators Process Description, 9/27/02
PD-XXX-9212-DNT, Revision 2, B-1 Wing Denitrator (DNT) System Process Description, 8/12/02
IE-P1, Revision A, Primary Intermediate Evaporator Feed Receiving Tank F-5203, 6/5/02
IE-P2, Revision A, Intermediate Evaporator Accumulation Tank F-5202E, 6/5/02
IE-P3, Revision 0, Primary Intermediate Evaporator Feed Wall Tanks F-5202
o  A-D, 5/1/02
IE-P4, Revision 0, Primary Intermediate Evaporator Feed Head Tank F-5201, 5/1/02
IE-P5, Revision C, Primary Intermediate Evaporator C-5201C, 8/19/02
IE-P6, Revision B, Primary Intermediate Evaporator Condensate Tanks F-5000 A-C, 10/2/02
IE-P7, Revision B, Primary Intermediate Evaporator Product Receiving., Tank
o  F-5202 F, 9/23/02
IE-P8, Revision 0, Secondary Intermediate Evaporator Feed Head Tanks F-5302 A-B, 5/1/02
IE-P9, Revision A, Secondary Intermediate Evaporator C-5301B, 6/5/02
IE-P10, Revision A, Intermediate Evaporator Product Sampling Adjustment, Cooling, 6/5/02

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