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Page Title: Review Coordinator Responsibilities
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Final Preparations for the ORR
Guide to Good Practices for Operational Readiness Reviews - index
On-Site ORR Responsibilities

general problem. Particular care is necessary to establish a satisfactory evolution schedule.
Maximum realism with actual or surrogate material is important. The schedule of events must meet
the needs of all team members, but must fit within the available time, which is nominally three days.
Smart sampling of realistic evolutions carried to their logical conclusion is the goal. Inputs from all
team members will be required to establish a satisfactory schedule. The draft schedule should be
presented to the facility and discussed during or shortly after the pre-visit.
The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB) staff, EH, and line management representatives
may observe all, or some, of the ORR. Instruct team members regarding protocol when being observed.
The team member should neither exclude nor defer to the observers, who should not be active participants
in the conduct of the ORR processes. Any concerns resulting from the observations should be discussed
with the team leader. Review Coordinator Responsibilities
After ORR dates are confirmed, reserve a block of rooms and send a rooming list to the hotel with names
and check-in/check-out dates, if required. Make the reservation under the name of the DOE or contractor
ORR team. Make arrangements for a meeting room at the hotel for the initial team meeting, if necessary.
Prepare security clearance forms for all team members. Complete form DOE F 5631.20 (formerly 277s)
Request for Visit or Access Approval. These are not completed for uncleared team members.
Provide the site point-of-contact with a list of names and social security numbers in order for them to
track clearance status. Ensure the site security office has received a copy of this list either from site point-
of-contact or by directly faxing them a copy.
Assist in preparing data packets for team members (see Appendix 6). The Review Coordinator provides
the following information:
1. The hotel meeting room number, if applicable;
2. Where and when to get badges;
3. Badge office hours;
4. Special arrangements for any uncleared team members or personal computers;
5. What to do in case a team member gets delayed and can't be at the right place at the right time;
6. If any special training is required; and
7. Where the onsite team room work space is located.
Coordinate with the team leader and provide the following items as listed in Appendix 6:
1. Blank Forms with the reviewer's objectives and criteria filled in, and provide the same
information on a diskette;
2. Maps;
3. Detailed schedule (Appendix 7);
4. Team member assignment and counterpart matrix;
5. Team member deliverables (Appendix 9), including completed example forms and required
6. Site Organization charts;
7. Management Self Assessment reports and Contractor ORR reports as applicable;
8. Plan of Action and Implementation Plan
9. DOE O 425.1C and DOE-STD-3006-2000.

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