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Page Title: Team Member Responsibilities
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Review Coordinator Scheduling/Coordination Responsibilities
Guide to Good Practices for Operational Readiness Reviews - index
ORR Pre-Visit

Make sure the team has maps of the site and directions how to get to the site and hotel from the
airport. Request maps from the site.
Make contact with site or facility coordinator to introduce and discuss logistical questions. Discuss
sigma/security requirements for cleared and uncleared team members and determine if there are any
special procedures to bring in equipment, such as laptop computers, or supplies (e.g., such as
computer disks).
Verify that all team members' clearance information and all necessary forms for access to the site and
facility have been forwarded to the site. Verify this has occurred at least one week prior to the pre-
visit. Some team members may use their laptop computers. Determine site access policies and
requirements associated with laptop computers. Inform team members of what forms and
information are required prior to the site pre-visit. Gather completed forms in advance of the ORR to
ensure access during the review.
Complete the necessary forms for access to the site for all team members and forward the data to the
Verify that all required reference material has been provided to team members four to five days
before the team's arrival for the pre-visit and ORR. Team Member Responsibilities
Each team member should receive and review their data packet. The data packet provides team members
with information on the site, their assignments, including deliverables, and responsibilities of the team
Team members are to contact the hotel to confirm their reservation and guarantee it with a credit card.
Each team member is responsible for providing clearance information to the Review Coordinator. Provide
the following clearance information:
1. Name
2. Social security number
3. Date of birth
4. Organization/company name
5. Type of clearance held.
If special training or fittings are required, such as respirator fitting, for access to certain facilities, arrange
to have any pre-conditions completed before arrival for the pre-visit1. For example, respirator fitting
requires a medical exam before the fit test can be administered. Other special training could include
Radworker II and Hazardous Waste Operations training. The Team Leader will inform all team members
of any special requirements.
Team members are to contact their counterpart during the preparation phase to obtain information they
feel is necessary or to arrange for additional documentation to be readily available onsite. However, keep
these requests to a minimum.
The site appointed counterpart is a crucial element to a successful ORR. They should be in constant
communication with the team member during the review and will provide the best source of site-specific
information and access available to the sub-teams.
The Health unit in the A-wing basement of DOE GTN can provide medical exams for fitting respirators to
Federal employees only. Contractors will need to arrange for this on their own.

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