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Construction Assessments
Configuration Management - index
Walkdowns - doe-std-1073-20030077

Configuration Management
As specified in DOE O 420.1A, Facility Safety, these assessments should be conducted as
part of the review of system operability, reliability, and material condition during facility
inspections required by DOE O 433.1, Maintenance Management Program for DOE
Nuclear Facilities. These periodic reviews assess the system's ability to perform its
design and safety functions. In addition, these assessments should integrate with the
activities performed to meet the Quality Assurance Program (QAP) under 10 CFR Part
830, Subpart A. As stated in DOE O 433.1, the goal of the assessment process should be
to ensure the integrity of the identified SSCs. Contractors must analyze discrepancies
and take appropriate corrective action to resolve them. If substantive discrepancies
(either in number or type) are discovered, the contractor must develop appropriate
immediate corrective actions to establish agreement between the physical configuration
and the documentation. Corrective actions should include technical evaluations, based on
system requirements, to determine whether the physical configuration or the
documentation should be changed. For existing facilities, the corrective actions should
include additional walkdowns to characterize the problem and to determine the extent of
the problem.
Physical configuration assessments should be conducted at a specified periodicity to
establish confidence. Contractors should routinely review the configuration of those
systems performing vital safety functions (safety SSCs). Additional systems of lesser
importance should be included at a lesser periodicity to ensure the breadth of the
configuration is being maintained adequately. Special reviews may be required on an as
needed basis, such as to verify input into a new DSA or when unusual or off-normal
occurrences affecting the safety basis systems results in a lack of confidence in the
facility configuration or in a concern that it has been compromised. Contractors should
consider scheduling reviews of the configuration of safety SSCs on an annual basis on a
schedule appropriate to support the annual update of the DSA.
Physical configuration assessments may be performed on a sample basis, with the sample
providing a representative cross-section of component types within the system being
assessed. The sample should be large enough to ensure that a statistically significant
portion of the system and its components are chosen. For instance, the sample should
include major and minor components, large and small bore piping (where applicable),
and instruments and controls.
Two common types of physical configuration assessments are "walkdowns" and
resolution of configuration and documentation discrepancies. While the processes of
walkdowns and resolution of configuration and documentation discrepancies have
significant overlaps, the distinctions between them need to be understood. One
distinction is based on the products of these processes. A product of the walkdown
process is a set of marked-up documents that reflect the actual physical configuration and
identify discrepancies with the currently approved facility documentation. A product of
the resolution of configuration and documentation discrepancies is "as-built documents"
that have been field-verified and design-verified.

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