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Page Title: Grading Based on Facility Remaining Lifetime
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Grading Based on Facility Type and Technical Characteristics
Configuration Management - index
Grading Based on Facility Remaining Lifetime cont'd

Configuration Management
The different expectations for each facility type may be considered to determine what
types of implementation actions would be technically appropriate for the facility when
the configuration management process is fully implemented. The general process criteria
should be reviewed in light of the facility type and technical characteristics to determine
which configuration management process criteria are appropriate for the specific facility
type, which criteria need to be adapted, and if any criteria are not applicable. Typically,
however, the program type has less influence on the grading of the configuration
management process than on the grading of other technical programs, such as accident
3.10.4 Grading Based on Facility Remaining Lifetime
The facility remaining lifetime is the period of time that the facility is expected to
continue to perform its intended functions. This consideration is pertinent if DOE has
formally notified the contractor that the facility is to be operated for only a specified
period, or that the facility is to be shut down at a specified date and there is no intent to
resume operations.
The facility remaining lifetime is most important in determining the level of effort to
expend to develop a new configuration management process for an existing facility. It is
easy to establish and document the design requirements for a new facility or activity as it
is being designed and constructed or initiated. It is more difficult to reconstruct the
design requirements for an existing facility or activity where the documentation on design
requirements is not complete or the configuration has not been managed to ensure the
documentation reflects the physical configuration of the facility as it currently exists.
The resources required by a contractor to establish the design requirements and a
configuration management process for an existing facility can be substantial and may
take considerable time. It is easy to see that if a facility has a remaining lifetime of
twelve months and the time required to establish the configuration management process
is eleven months, that the value added from the configuration management process may
not be commensurate with the cost. In such cases, contractors should propose graded
configuration management processes that provide some measure of control during the
short period of operation, but do not require extensive resources.
It is not essential for the contractor to have exact estimates of the remaining facility
lifetime to use the remaining lifetime as a grading factor. Contractors may estimate the
remaining facility lifetime only to the extent of determining which of the following
categories is applicable:
more than 10 years
between 5 and 10 years
between 2 and 5 years
less than 2 years

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