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Page Title: Part 4 Contractor Radiological Control Organization
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Neutron Exposures - doe-std-1098-99_reaffirmed_2004_120029
Radiological Control - index
Relationship Between Radiological Control Technicians and Workers

Radiological Control
Excellence in Radiological Control
June 2004
PART 4 Contractor Radiological Control Organization
141 Radiological Control Organization
A radiological control organization should be established to provide relevant support to line managers and workers.
To function effectively, the radiological control organization should be independent of the line organizational
element responsible for production, operation, or research activities and should have an equivalent reporting level.
A single, dedicated radiological control organization for the site is sufficient. At larger DOE sites where facilities,
buildings, or work areas are dispersed, an approach that provides site-wide consistency and individual facility
radiological control support is recommended. The senior line manager responsible for operations at a facility
should have assigned radiological control personnel dedicated to the facility. Consistency of radiological control is
critical. It is not the intent of this Standard to duplicate organizations but to use personnel in a more effective
manner in workplace situations.
Radiological control personnel should monitor adherence to the site-specific radiological control manual and be
available to the facility line manager for radiological support to the work force. To function effectively in this
capacity, they should receive their day-to-day priorities from facility managers. To ensure independence in making
correct radiological control decisions, the radiological control organization should be accountable to the
radiological control manager.
The radiological control manager heads the radiological control organization and is responsible for and should
establish a high quality radiological control program.
4.  The radiological control manager should have access to the senior site executive for radiological control matters.
142 Radiological Control Manager Qualifications
The radiological control manager should be an experienced radiological control professional and be familiar with
the design features and operations of the facility that affect radiological hazards.
The radiological control manager should have the technical competence and experience to establish radiological
control programs and the supervisory capability to direct the implementation and maintenance of radiological
control programs.
The radiological control manager should have a minimum of a bachelor's degree or the equivalent in science or
engineering, including some formal training in radiological control. Certification by the American Board of Health
Physics provides equivalency to the above. The radiological control manager should have at least three years of
professional experience in applied radiological control work. Advanced academic degrees can count as one year of
experience where course work related to radiological control is involved. Radiological control manager
qualifications should be consistent with the guidelines provided in DOE-STD-1107-97, Knowledge, Skills, and
Abilities for Key Radiation Protection Positions at DOE Facilities.
If the most effective manager for this position does not satisfy the above qualifications, special arrangements should
be made. In these situations, the assignment of a deputy with the requisite expertise and qualifications can satisfy
the requirement. The education, training, and skills requirements of 10 CFR 835.103 would apply to both
individuals to the extent that their responsibilities address programs to ensure compliance with 10 CFR 835.
Management should provide persons assigned to or being considered for the radiological control manager position a
structured program leading to certification by the American Board of Health Physics.
143 Radiological Control Organization Functions and Staffing

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