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Page Title: Chapter 11 Operational Safety
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Initial Testing Program
Preparation Guide for U
Application of the Graded Approach - doe-std-3009-94_cn3_3-30-060114

DOE-STD -3009-94
Chapter 11
Operational Safety
PU R P O S E . The purpose of this DSA chapter is to provide information that will satisfy
the requirements of 10 CFR 830. This chapter is not intended to be the vehicle for review
and approval of an operational safety or fire protection program. It is intended to describe
the essential characteristics of the programs as they relate to facility safety.
This chapter discusses general aspects of operational safety. It specifically focuses on the
bases for the conduct of operations program specified by DOE 5480.19, "Conduct of
Operations Requirements for DOE Facilities." It is recognized, however, that DOE
5480.19 addresses many of the other DSA topics covered in 10 CFR 830 (e.g.,
management, organization, and the institutional safety provisions, procedures and training,
human factors). The attachment to DOE 5480.19 specifically notes that "these guidelines
have, therefore, been prepared to assist facilities in the review and development of
programs important to operations." Therefore, elements of conduct of operations are
discussed elsewhere in this standard. Major issues of operations organization and
administration and training are covered in Chapter 12, "Procedures and Training," and
Chapter 17, "Management, Organization, and Institutional Safety Provisions." Major
issues of notificatio n and reporting practices, and investigation of abnormal events are
covered in Chapter 17. Control of procedures is covered in Chapter 12.
Discussion of all the sub- headings of Attachment 1 to DOE 5480.19 is not necessary in
this chapter. Again, this chapter is not intended to be the vehicle for demonstrating
compliance with DOE 5480.19 (i.e., review and approval of a conduct of operations
program). It is intended to acknowledge the intent of conduct of operations, indicate the
aspects of conduct of operations directly applicable to the facility, and summarize the
main aspects of conduct of operations implementation at the facility.
This chapter describes: (1) the bases for the conduct of operations program; and (2) the
fire protection program. Expected products of this chapter, as applicable based on the
graded approach, include:
Identification of the aspects of Conduct of Operations directly applicable to the
Integrated summary of the main features of the facility Conduct of Operations
Description of facility fire protection program
Existing supporting documentation is to be referenced. Include brief abstracts of
referenced documentation with enough of the salient facts to provide an understanding of
the referenced documentation and its relation to this chapter.
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