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Page Title: Chapter 12 Procedures and Training
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Content Guidance for Sections of Chapter 12

DOE-STD -3009-94
Chapter 12
Procedures and Training
PU R P O S E . The purpose of this DSA chapter is to provide information that will satisfy
the requirements of 10 CFR 830. This chapter is not intended to be the vehicle for review
and approval of the procedures or training programs. It is intended to describe the
essential characteristics of the programs as they relate to facility safety.
This chapter describes the processes by which the technical content of the proced ures and
training programs are developed, verified, and validated. These processes will ensure that
the facility is operated and maintained by personnel who are well qualified and competent
to carry out their job responsibilities using procedures and training elements that have been
well developed and are kept current by the use of feedback and continuous improvement.
A programmatic commitment to ongoing procedures and training programs is considered
to be a necessary part of safety assurance. Expected products of this chapter, as applicable
based on the graded approach, include:
Summary of the overall facility procedures and training programs.
Description of the processes by which the form and content of procedures and
training materials are developed, verified and validated for normal, abnormal, and
emergency operations; surveillance testing and maintenance.
Summary of the processes for maintaining written procedures, training materials,
and training records.
Summary of the processes for modifying proced ures and training materials.
Summary of the methods used to feed back operations experience, new analyses,
other DSA changes, etc., to the procedures and training programs.
Description of the mechanisms to identify and correct technical or human factors
Existing supporting documentation is to be referenced. Include brief abstracts of
referenced documentation with enough of the salient facts to provide an understanding of
the referenced documentation and its relation to this chapter.
AP P L I C A T I O N O F T H E GR A D E D AP P R O A C H . Distinction is limited for
this chapter and relates only to varying scope of procedure and training programs required
for a given hazard and complexity level. Discussions can be brief and are limited to
summaries of the major features of the programmatic commitment to the safety basis.
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