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Page Title: Worker Safety
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Safety-Significant SSCs cont'd - doe-std-3009-94_cn3_3-30-060066
Preparation Guide for U
Environmental Protection - doe-std-3009-94_cn3_3-30-060068

DOE-STD -3009-94
Worker Safety
This section summarizes the major features protecting workers fro m the
hazards of facility operation, exclusive of standard industrial hazards.
Summary products germane to worker safety typically include:
General overview of worker safety in terms of SSCs and
administrative features.
Identification of any safety-significant SSCs and SACs.
Identification of any safety management programs that will be
assigned TSR coverage in the form of administrative controls for
adequate worker safety.
General prioritization of the features needs to be included and expressed in
terms o f the magnitude of process hazard, number of potentially affected
employees, pertinent aspects of operation history, and projected lifetime of the
process. Only a summary level discussion is required, not a detailed
discussion or defense of the prioritiza tion logic. The safety features to be
addressed in this section fall into one of three categories:
Structures, systems, and components.
Specific administrative controls.
Administrative features..
This subsection is derived from examining the raw information in the hazard
evaluation tables (see Table 3-1 for example) and distilling it into a clear
overview of worker safety features at the facility. This presentation may use
relevant accidents to frame and focus the discussion, but need not duplicate the
ha zard evaluation already provided in or appended to the DSA in tabular form.
If the basic function of a worker safety feature has already been discussed in
Section, "Defense in Depth," that feature may simply be identified by
name and referenced.
Identify structures, systems, and components as safety-significant SSCs where
appropriate. As a general rule of thumb, safety-significant SSC designations
based on worker safety are limited to those systems, structures, or components
whose failure is estimated to result in a prompt worker fatality or serious
injuries to workers or significant radiological or chemical exposures to workers
(see definition of safety-significant SSCs for further clarification). Inadvertent
worker exposure to materials from breached nuclear storage packages during
inspections or handling may fit this description.
Identify specific administrative controls important to safety that are needed to
prevent or mitigate an accident scenario as appropriate. In general, SAC
designations based on worker safety are limited to those administrative
controls that would have been safety-significant had that safety function been
provided by a safety-significant SSC. The established hierarchy of hazard
controls requires that engineering contro ls with an emphasis on safety-related
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