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Page Title: Drill Performance
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7.3 Drill Performance
After the drill initiation is performed, facility operating personnel actions should be as described in
appropriate facility procedures. Every activity and response action should be carried out exactly,
to the maximum extent possible, as it would be if the event were real. If alternative actions are
allowed, they should be listed here.
Cues and props are used by the drill team to improve realism. They are used to simulate the
circumstances of an actual abnormal facility condition. Examples of such may include simulated
gauge readings, alarms, announcements, a fire, leaking water, breaker positions, etc.
Simulations may be in the forms of placards, stick-ons, made-up gauge faces, verbal commands,
etc. Appendix C, Example Drill Cues and Props, contains examples of methods used to improve
the realism and conduct of the drill. Drill team members should not lead facility operating
personnel to the correct response action. This is especially true when facility operating
personnel ask for clarification of a cue, prop, or action.
During the drill, evaluators document all activities on evaluation forms that are based on criteria
found in the drill scenario. Each drill scenario should specify the areas of evaluation so that all
actions required by facility operating personnel can be observed and evaluated. The evaluation
forms are used to identify both individual and team performance strengths and weaknesses of
facility operating personnel. They provide documentation of performance as part of training,
identify problems with the conduct of the drill scenario, and aid in conducting the drill critique.
The drill scenario should be allowed to run to completion if possible. A normal termination would
end the drill due to completion of the stated objective, or as determined by the drill coordinator.
An abnormal termination would end the drill when a limit specified in the drill scenario, facility
procedures, or TSRs is exceeded, or when actions taken by facility operating personnel would
adversely affect the safety of personnel or cause damage to equipment or the environment. For
abnormal terminations, facility operating personnel should immediately take all appropriate
actions to place the facility in a safe condition. The facility should be restored to the condition
specified in the drill scenario in accordance with approved facility procedures. Cues and props
that were used in the conduct of the scenario should be removed from their location immediately.
A checklist in the restoration section of the scenario is helpful in ensuring none of the cues or
props are forgotten.

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