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Page Title: Chapter 10 - Training
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Table B-2. Selective List of Federal Supply Classes and Groups that Contain a Significant Number of Hazardous Items cont'd
Chemical Management (Volume 3 of 3) Consolidated Chemical User Safety and Health Requirements - index
Definitions and Acronyms - hdbk11392003vol30154

Chapter 10 - Training
1.0 Introduction
This chapter identifies and consolidates existing user safety and health requirements found in DOE
and Federal chemical-related safety and health regulations and National Standards that address
training requirements associated with the handling and use of chemicals (see definition) and chemical
products (see definition). This chapter specifically consolidates requirements found in Occupational
Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Regulations 29CFR1910 and 29CFR1926, 10CFR850,
and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Codes 55, 430, and 432, including technical
standards that are made mandatory by their specific reference within a regulation, rule or DOE Order.
State and local codes and requirements are NOT included.
This chapter is intended to list chemical-related safety and health requirements and to consolidate
those that are overlapping and/or duplicative. The list of requirements includes "pointers" to the
sources of those requirements.
This document does NOT create any new or additional requirements.
2.0 Applicability
This chapter consolidates existing, core safety and health requirements that all sites must follow when
engaged in chemical-related activities. It is intended only to address safety and health-related training
requirements applicable to chemical user activities. This chapter applies to DOE Contractors and
Field Organizations who handle or use chemicals and chemical products. This chapter does NOT
apply to:
waste operations (the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) requires training
prior to the generation of waste; see 40CFR264.16);
transportation (training requirements for transporting chemicals are covered in Chapter 4 of
this document, "Transportation".)
emergency management (training requirements for Emergency Management are covered in
Chapter 8 of this document, "Emergency Management".)
[NOTE: Waste operations are NOT included in this consolidation of Chemical User Safety and
Health Requirements. Hence, RCRA is not included is this document. However, RCRA requires
training and must be adhered to as appropriate for site/facility operations.]
The information presented here applies to all locations that use chemicals or chemical
products. [NOTE: Throughout this document, the term "chemicals" is used to indicate
chemicals and/or chemical products as described in Section 3, below.] This chapter
consolidates existing, core safety and health requirements that all sites must follow when
engaged in chemical-related activities.
The requirements included in this chapter come from sources that have different safety purposes. As
a result, some of these requirements may not always be applicable to the work being performed at an
individual site or facility. It is the responsibility of each user to determine the applicability of specific
requirements to their work and how they are implemented. The reference sources for the

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