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Frequently Asked Questions cont'd - hdbk114820020100
Work Smart Standards (WSS) Users Handbook - index
Frequently Asked Questions cont'd - hdbk114820020102

assumptions serves to address issues of feasibility in going from the pre-WSS situation
of the organization to a post-Process state of WSS conformance. As stated in Chapter
III of the Manual, "Planning and performing work in accordance with the approved set of
standards requires an adequate system for managing the work." Properly developed
WSS sets will document assumptions about the specific "system for managing the work"
into which the care and implementation of the new standards set will be entrusted. Such
documentation serves primarily to inform those within that "system" what considerations
the Process applications had in mind when settling to closure on a particular WSS set.
During Process Element 5: Confirming the Necessary and Sufficient Set of Standards,
the Confirmation Team examines how well the Convened Group and the Identification
Team in working to closure on the proposed WSS set have anticipated and addressed
the conditions in the receiving (i.e. implementing) organization. This is done to provide
the Approval Parties assurance that the existing "system for managing the work" can
"get there" (to WSS conformance) "from here" (the prevailing condition of the
organization). It is critical to recognize that, as with the "adequacy" of protection test, the
Confirmation Team is not expected to develop a fully independent assessment of
"feasibility." Rather the evidence of feasibility should come primarily from the
documented work of the Convened Group and the Identification Team to assure that the
WSS set is understandable both in terms of protection and its context for
implementation. This point simply restates the recognition that a WSS set must address
both technical and management considerations and takes it one step further by requiring
that the managerial aspects of the proposed set be grounded in the specific local
conditions of an existing management system.
As with adequacy confirmation, there can be no explicit limits upon the ability of the
Confirmation Team to assess the credibility of the implementing assumptions and other
elements of the set that address feasibility for implementation. The Convened Group
and Identification Team will necessarily apply some presumed effectiveness of the
receiving management system's ability to take the WSS set and then develop the
needed system or upgrade the existing management system to the new set of
standards. To the extent that documentation of the Process application makes clear
what was assumed about the management system; what level of capability was

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