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Page Title: Maintaining the Set of Work Smart Standards cont'd
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Maintaining the Set of Work Smart Standards
Work Smart Standards (WSS) Users Handbook - index
Maintaining the Set of Work Smart Standards cont'd - hdbk114820020084

Many of the above noted potential change conditions mirror the N&S Process initiation criteria
that are stated in the N&S Manual and discussed in Section 7.1 of this Handbook. These
criteria apply not only to an initial application of the N&S Process, but also to subsequent
conditions under which the N&S Process may be reinitiated. Change control, therefore, may
often amount to reinitiating the N&S Process, although typically on a more limited scale.
Change control for a set of WSS should preserve or renew the integrity of the original N&S
Process determination of adequacy and feasibility. By design, the N&S Process uses the
collective expertise of carefully selected teams to reach a thorough understanding of the work
and its associated hazards and to identify and confirm a set of standards that can be
implemented to provide reasonable assurance of adequate protection from those hazards. If
changes to the resulting WSS set are not made with fidelity to the N&S Process, then the
integrity of the entire standards set, and the assurance of protection that it represents, may be
compromised. "Replacement parts" for the WSS set must be identified and considered with the
same rigor that went into the original set. Documentation for the approved WSS set should be
sufficient to clearly identify the standards bases. When changes to the WSS set are made, the
WSS documentation should be revised to reflect the changes and the bases for those changes.
This is of significant importance for maintaining the WSS set.
At the same time, a WSS change control process should be simple enough to be readily usable
within the existing organizational structure. An overly complex process or one which takes great
effort to initiate will only invite disuse, with correspondingly negative impacts to the integrity of
the WSS set. While the change control process should include the basic elements of the N&S
Process, it need not (and in most cases, should not) duplicate the scale and scope of the
original N&S Process effort. Change control amounts to a focused application of the N&S
Process, appropriate to the scope of the proposed change.
Change control for the WSS set is an integral part of the ISMS. Establishment of an ISMS will
include a hierarchy of documents to flow down contractual requirements for the work. A change
control process is an expected component of such a document system. Since the same
document hierarchy will also contain the WSS set and lower-level requirements flowing from it,
the change control process established as part of the ISMS should be designed to handle

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