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Page Title: Develop Employee Lessons Learned Orientation/Training
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Lessons Learned Handbook:
will make it easier to store, search, access, and use lessons learned once they have
been documented. The DOE Lessons Learned Technical Standard requires that all
lessons placed on the complex-wide Lessons Learned Information Services be prepared
according to the DOE lessons learned template (provided in Appendix B of the
Technical Standard, available through the Office of Science and Technical Information,
Oak Ridge, Tennessee). To save the work of converting site lessons learned to the
DOE format for complex-wide dissemination, sites should consider using the DOE-wide
template for internal use.
Develop Employee Lessons Learned Orientation/Training
Organizations should develop a brief employee orientation program that provides an
overview of the lessons learned concept and explains how it will be implemented at
the site. In addition, management may determine that it is necessary to develop a
more detailed training program to ensure that employees understand how to
document lessons learned, gain approvals and clearances, disseminate the
information, address timeliness issues, search and access lessons learned, and
incorporate lessons learned into plans and future activities. The "Lessons Learned
Training" section of this Handbook provides information to assist the development of
lessons learned training programs.
Integrate Lessons Learned into Existing Management Processes
It is important that personnel at all levels understand how and why the lessons learned
program will be integrated into the "big picture" of activities and management
processes that exist throughout the organization. This information can be provided
graphically in a chart that identifies key program interfaces. Program integration
should also be discussed in policy and management documents such as the Program
Description and the Management Plan.
Develop Review and Self-assessment Plans
Review and self-assessment plans should be developed to assess the effectiveness of
the lessons learned program. Reviews and self-assessments should be conducted to
identify the strengths and weaknesses of the program and to pinpoint areas that need
adjustment. Assessments should highlight both problem areas and positive results.
Additional information on reviews and self-assessments is provided in the "Continuous
Improvement" section of this Handbook and in Volume II, Appendix X.
Develop Performance Measures
Performance measurement should focus on improvements or worsening conditions in
the organization that are directly impacted by the lessons learned program. In many
cases, organizational improvements or problems will be tied to many variables, making
it difficult to isolate the effects of the lessons learned program. However, measures
can be developed that are tied to the goals and objectives of the lessons learned
program and reflect the information that is shared through the lessons learned
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