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Page Title: Planning for Initial Assessments
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CM Policy Directives
Chapter 2 Implementation Guidance for Operational Configuration Management
Initiation of Immediate Corrective Actions and Interim Upgrade Actions

management derive from different programs and have various meanings depending on the context in
which they are used. CM concepts, standard terminology, and standard definitions should be
established in accordance with the definitions provided in the glossary provided in this Standard. These
key concepts and terminology, supported by a functional model of the site/division CM program, ensure
a consistent approach to facility CM program development. The site/division CM directive) should
formally adopt the CM program objective, functional model, and the functions to be used by the
facilities within the site/division.
Directives are also useful for establishing other upper-level CM policy and immediate actions relative to
program management functions such as database control and procedure development.
Figure 2­2 shows the process of establishing an interim CM development team dedicated and
committed to CM program development. This is the recommended approach because of the work and
interface efforts involved. To ensure an understanding of the needs and capabilities of the organization
as a whole, the team should be balanced with experienced personnel from different work areas.
Where several facilities are under the jurisdiction of a single management and operations (M&O)
contractor, the CM developmental team should have a mix of representatives from various facilities and
groups within the organization.
The CM development team should have a charter stipulating the activities consistent with its role in
coordinating overall CM program development. Such activities could include developing a formal
site/division CM directive for management approval early in the development process, working closely
with each site/division manager to develop directives, and providing support to each facility during the
development of the facility-level CM program plans. The details of program implementation should be
a line management function, but a small core group is usually maintained to provide the program
management functions necessary to ensure the proper implementation of the overall CM program. Planning for Initial Assessments
Site/division managers should take the lead in planning and coordinating initial assessments. These
assessments identify programmatic strengths and weaknesses for use as a basis for CM program
planning and for immediate corrective actions. As a first step, facilities should be grouped according to
mission, design, complexity, size, and other appropriate criteria. This action would allow for greater
efficiency in the assessment process. For similar facilities with similar CM practices, an assessment of
such practices for one site would be representative of them all. As a further example, several facilities
might use a central or common approach to document control; single assessment in this programmatic
area could be representative for several facilities.
Second, the specific representative facilities, systems, programs, and topical areas should be selected
for the initial assessments. Site/division managers should coordinate assessment activities such as the
selection of assessment teams, training, and funding. Sites/divisions could elect to go beyond the
minimum requirements in the initial assessments; the subjects of the other assessments would be
based on a judgment of needs. The initial assessments are conducted in accordance with the criteria
and guidance associated with the assessments element. When the representative assessments are
complete and the results are available, this information should be shared with other facilities in the
group (i.e., those found to be similar enough not to need separate initial assessments). Each facility in
the group should factor these assessment results into its facility CM program planning.
DOE may specify certain approaches to implementing a CM program on the basis of facility importance
or budget considerations. For example, it may elect to use certain lead facilities as pilots and to have
the others follow in a phased manner. Thus, lessons learned in the initial assessments, program
planning, and program development for pilot facilities can be applied to the remaining facilities for

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