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Page Title: System Design Descriptions
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Design and Construction Turnover cont'd
Chapter 2 Implementation Guidance for Operational Configuration Management
Design Reconstitution Interface

Inaccurate design requirements and design basis can be identified by discovering conflicting
documentation, a conflicting physical configuration, or errors (in calculation, for example) in the design
basis. To assess accuracy, the management review could employ some combination of the following
Checks of reasonableness by competent design personnel
Checks to determine whether the design requirements apply to current physical configuration
Reperformance of critical calculations and analysis independently or with different methods
The facility design requirements should be documented in a retrievable, user-friendly manner. The
relevant design information should be identified by system and an index of design documents should be
provided. To determine whether the design is fully documented, the management review should
consider whether: the design information is clearly identified; the design requirements are differentiated
from the design basis; safety, environmental, and mission design requirements are differentiated from
other types of design requirements; and the design documentation is indexed, integrated, and usable.
Objectives for the documentation of design information are provided in Chapter 3.
If design reconstitution is warranted, the management review should develop recommendations as to the
extent of design reconstitution needed and the associated priority. System Design Descriptions
The CM program and engineering management may decide to prepare system design descriptions
(SDDs) to collect and summarize existing design requirements for each system and topical area. The
SDDs would help facility personnel understand system functions and requirements. They would include
system drawings and a system description, as well as descriptions of functional process requirements,
system and component design requirements, system interfaces and interlocks, setpoints, and design
requirements related to operations, maintenance, and testing. The SDDs could be predecessors of the
design information summaries (DISs) prepared by the DR adjunct program. They should be prepared in
a format convenient for adoption into the DISs that will be developed later. DOE Standard NE F 1-2T,
Preparation of Plant and System Design Description Documents, provides information on documenting
design requirements. Configuration Management Equipment Database
The CM equipment database should be established to cross-reference the CM program SSCs with their
design requirements, design basis, and associated documents. This database is the primary information
source for design requirements. It should use the Best Available Design Information to fill the database
fields. This Best Available Design Information comes from three basic sources: (1) existing design
information, (2) new or revised design information, and (3) reconstituted design information.
Computer databases can effectively and efficiently support the design requirements element, serve many
users, and advance configuration management. Computer database development should maintain focus
on achieving the associated CM program elements and functions. The program management element
provides general direction, including general contents, for CM databases. Given the extent of the
contents, relational databases will likely be most effective, as they can relate records in one file to records
in many other files. For example, the equipment database should be able to identify the SSCs involved in
the fire protection program.

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