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Page Title: Design Reconstitution Action Plan
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Figure 3-2. Design Reconstitution Program: Sample Schedule
Chapter 3 Implementation Guidance for Design Reconstitution - index
Identification and Retrieval of Design Information - s1073ch30006

Graded-approach considerations such as facility size and complexity can affect implementation
schedules; small, low-complexity facilities could possibly complete a DR program much sooner than the
sample milestones shown in Figure 3­2. Facilities that have already completed substantial design
reconstitution could also finish sooner than those that have done little or nothing.
As described in Section, action plans provide additional detail to support program
implementation. The DR action plan should identify the program manager and project organization. A
clear management mandate and consistent management support are essential to success. Direct
involvement by the primary contractor for the facility is also necessary to ensure ownership; knowledge
retention; achievement of purpose; and continuing, effective DIS usage. Proper selection of the project
team is vital.
The DR action plan should also do the following:
Identify DIS content and format. Facilities may have somewhat different uses that the DISs will
satisfy. A determination of the intended uses of the DISs provides the basis for the format and
content of the DISs. Examples of potential DIS applications are provided in Appendix II­D.
Identify end users, as well as the review and approval process for project deliverables. Early
input and feedback from end users is crucial to the usefulness and use of DISs.
Describe the DR governing and implementing procedures to be prepared. Such procedures
establish management control over the processes for developing, reviewing, and approving
DISs, and define and communicate the appropriate standards.
Address programmatic controls and procedures for implementation of applicable portions of
the site/facility quality assurance (QA) plan.
Identify periodic assessments of DR program activities. Throughout program implementation, it
is important to maintain a broad perspective and a questioning attitude regarding assumptions
and the use of information from reference documents, as well as the relationships and use of
information from resource documents. Periodic assessments can supplement training and
supervision in ensuring that a questioning attitude is maintained.
The DR action plan should be revised and updated as the program proceeds. Initially, the plan should
provide the greatest detail on the earlier activities -- the design information retrieval activities.
As an outgrowth of the DR action plan, an overall DR program governing procedure should be prepared
to provide coordination and integration of the various implementation procedures and implementing
organizations. The governing procedure should indicate how the DR program functions are carried out
in the various implementing procedures and, thus, how they conform with the DR program plan.
Governing procedures in the form of functional flowcharts are helpful in identifying procedural gaps and
conflicts between specific implementing procedures.
In contrast with governing procedures, the DR implementing procedures provide detailed instructions for
carrying out DR program functions. Development of DR implementing procedures to control technical
methods and interfaces should be completed before each activity begins. These procedures should

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