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Evaluation Results cont'd - s3007cn10113
Guidelines For Preparing Criticality Safety Evaluations at Department of Energy Non-Reactor Nuclear Facilities
Evaluation Results cont'd - s3007cn10115

DOE-STD-3007-93 Tank D-2403 is limited to a total of 200 grams Pu and U235 in support of Building 374
waste transfer contingencies. Reference section 6.8 for this discussion.
6.2 Glovebox 2401 (GB-2401): GB-2401 is located in room 1105. It is constructed of stainless
steel with 0.25" lead and is nominally 17'long x 2.33'wide x 4'high. This glovebox contains a
pipe manifold which has fifteen nominal " ID inlet feed pipes (tie-points) from specific building
tanks joined to a nominal 2" ID header pipe, which in turn, is connected to a nominal " ID
outlet pipe to tanks D-2401 A/B/C/D and a separate nominal " return pipe from pumps P2401
A/B. Currently only tie point 45 (Process Support Tanks), tie point 46 (PROVE Vacuum Tanks),
Tygon-tubing tie point, and the outlet pipe to tanks D-2401 A/B/C/D are connected (reference
CWTS Solution Collection Process sketch in Appendix F). A vacuum pickup wand connected to
fulflo filter Fl-2403 (filter housing is nominally 3.75" ID x 10" H) for spill pickup and transfer to
tanks D-2401 A/B/C/D is also in this glovebox. Since the maximum credible concentration in
Building 371 is 150 g/l, thus meeting the concentration limit on the D-2401 A/B/C/D tanks, the
vacuum pickup wand may be used for spills both internal and external to GB2401. A standard
SG-508 criticality drain is installed in GB-2401, thus flooding above a two inch depth is
In Appendix M it was shown that the cross sectional area of the equipment in GB-2401 is
equivalent to that of 7.82" diameter cylinder, which per TID-7016 is subcritical with nominal 1"
water reflection up to 300 g/l or twice the maximum credible concentration. Note that full
reflection of this cylinder would be at least double contingent since it would require the criticality
drain to clog and a source of liquid to fill the glovebox. Note that 3 used ful-flo filters were
included in the calculation to address the removal of ful-flo filters, as was a 3/4" ID tygon tubing
for direct draining of Building 371 tanks.
In reality, the fixed equipment in GB-2401 is well spread out and at least 12" off of the glovebox
floor. Thus it would contribute only negligible reactivity to items on the glovebox floor.
Accordingly, these items can be grouped together and evaluated separately. The total volume of
two 4.4 liter containers and 6 used ful-flo filters (each approximately 800 ml) was estimated at
13.6 liters. The total volume increases to 15.8 liters with the addition of a 2.2 liter container of
kimwipes used to collect spills. This volume is subcritical for the maximum credible concentration
of 150 g/l in an equivalent hemispherical volume with 1" of water reflection. As calculated in
Appendix O, a nominally reflected hemispherical volume of 20.2 liters is equivalent to a 10.5 liter
nominally reflected sphere, which is subcritical for a concentration up to at least 1000 g Pu/l.
Note that the hemispherical volume calculation was selected to more realistically envelope
available containers in the glovebox. Note that 6 used ful-flo filters were considered, as stated
above, with the solution containers to account for filters stored on the glovebox floor. It can,
thus, be concluded that one 4-liter container in GB-2401 is double contingent, as unlikely
contingencies of overbatch and extra container, together, are subcritical. The double contingency
argument for the 4-liter container clearly bounds contingencies of overbatch and extra container
for the 2-liter container of kimwipes due to its smaller volume.

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