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Page Title: Corrections of Software Errors
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Quality Assurance - std-1121-98-reaffirmation0125
Internal Dosimetry - index
References - std-1121-98-reaffirmation0127

reference man dose, results from other verified code, etc). Results of this testing should be maintained
with the site or contractor internal dosimetry program records. This testing should be successfully
completed before the code or algorithm is used for dosimetry calculations of workers.
"Existing software" is any software program that has been developed, put into operation and shown
to possess desirable capabilities, but for which a formal V&V report is not available. Routine testing of
this software should be performed on a periodic basis utilizing corresponding nuclide doses and retention
functions listed in the site or contractor technical basis documentation as models. The test of the software
should follow the same procedure or process used for case assessments.
V&V should be conducted according to a plan which specifies the following:
application for which the program is to be utilized
range of results that may be considered valid (i.e., acceptance criteria)
user environment (hardware and operating system specifications, hardware user interface
requirements, etc.).
V&V testing should be peer-reviewed by a staff member other than the person who performed the
test. A report of the V&V test should be recorded in the site or contractor internal dosimetry program
records for each software application and include the following:
identification of the program tested, scope of the test report
description of the test environment - hardware configuration, software used
description of the test results, copy of the test case log
verification that all results are identical to previous results.
Occasional verification testing of infrequently used codes can be valuable to ensure that hardware
and operating system changes have not affected the ability to use the code.
11.3.3 Corrections of Software Errors
In the case of errors with commercial software packages, the software system files should be
reinstalled and a V&V test conducted to ensure correction of the problem. If errors continue, the next
step is to contact the software vendor.
11.3.4 Software Security
Backup copies of all internal dosimetry software and data should be kept in a secure place. Another
copy should be stored at a different location for disaster recovery. Documentation of the procedure to
install the software should be included with the backup copies. As with all records containing sensitive
data -- such as individuals who are identified in radiological records by name, identifying numbers (e.g.,
Social Security Number or payroll number), or symbol -- the Privacy Act of 1974 (as amended) should
to be applied. That is, no information regarding an individual should be revealed to anyone other than the
identified individual or DOE/DOE contractor personnel who have a need to know without advanced
written consent of the individual, unless authorized by the Privacy Act. Records of deceased individuals
are not covered by the Privacy Act, but are subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

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