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Page Title: Dose Management Practices Plan
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Bioassay Contingency Plans
Internal Dosimetry - index
Design of Individual Monitoring Programs for Internal Dosimetry

facility failure, or from loss of vendor services. For instance, a site that relies on a contracted laboratory
for radiochemistry analysis for bioassay samples could suddenly find itself in a crisis if the contracted
laboratory were to close or the contract were canceled. Without timely support and re-establishing
capabilities, site operations could be significantly impaired. A contingency plan with another DOE site to
provide some limited, short-term support could allow normal site operations to continue.
The intent of this discussion of bioassay contingency plans is not to recommend establishment of a
formally documented plan with implementing procedures, but that some clear thought be given to
appropriate actions. The actual "plan" may be simply a paragraph or subsection in the technical basis
manual or procedures identifying the contact point at another site for such support, and some indication of
what would be needed (for example, a contract or inter-contractor order) to begin the support. A
documented letter of agreement or understanding would be desirable.
3.2.2 Dose Management Practices Plan
The IDG describes a "Dose Management Practices Plan" (Section IV. H.). Since DOE's radiation
protection program is based on total effective dose equivalent, dose management requires coordination
between a site's internal dosimetry program and its external dosimetry program. For example, during an
evaluation of an internal dose case, it may be important to restrict a worker's external dose. Similarly, if
lifetime dose controls (as given in the RadCon Standard) were being used, a periodic reassessment of the
internal doses could influence lifetime occupational dose decisions.
The dose management practices plan may be a part of the internal dosimetry procedures manual.
Alternatively, the plan may be part of a higher echelon manual or contained in external dosimetry or other
3.2.3 Action Plan for Medical Response
This plan should describe the coordinated response when a medical injury is combined with
potential internal dose concerns or when an intake may be sufficiently large to warrant therapeutic
medical intervention for dose reduction. Medical response requires coordination between the radiation
protection and medical organizations. The coordination can become even more complex when multiple
contractors or subcontractors are involved and in situations where some medical services are provided by
onsite personnel and some are provided by offsite sources. For example, onsite services usually include
some kind of first aid response and may even involve nursing and medical doctor or physician's assistant
staff. At the same time, emergency medical services (ambulance and medical trauma support) may be
provided by offsite private or public organizations. A clear understanding and delineation of
responsibilities and authorities in the treatment of contaminated injuries or for dose reduction therapy
ought to be included in the action plan. This medical response action plan may be part of the internal
dosimetry procedures or an element of other site documents.
Some examples of combined medical response and internal dose concern scenarios are provided in
Section 10. Technical guidance for internal dosimetry efforts in support of medical response is also
provided in Section 10.
3.2.4 Quality Assurance Plan
All steps in the activities that control or evaluate worker internal doses should be covered by written
procedures that provide appropriate quality control and quality assurance. The quality assurance plan may
be a section in technical basis documentation. More information is provided in Section 11.

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