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Page Title: Fire in the Reactor Building
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breaking up and smothering the burning
system. After the carbon dioxide system
material. Realizing the fire was progressing
had been operated, the assistant shift
beyond their ability to control, the
engineer checked the spreading room and
electrician called for fire extinguishers. The
found that the fire was still burning because
fire burned for about 1 minute before the
the ventilation system had not been secured.
first carbon dioxide fire extinguisher
arrived. The entire contents of three carbon
Organized fire fighting efforts were
dioxide extinguishers, two of which were
delayed because the control room did not
only partially filled, were emptied on the
know the exact location of the fire. An
fire without effect because of the air flow
assistant  shift  engineer  located  the
across the penetration.
construction workers fighting the fire in the
reactor building and called the control room,
The inspector realized that the fire
while another assistant shift engineer in the
had spread to the reactor building side of the
reactor  building  reported  the  cable
wall, and two construction workers who
spreading room fire to the control room.
were in the area left the spreading room for
the reactor building to fight that fire. On
Fifty minutes after the start of the fire,
their way to the reactor building they
fire fighting efforts were underway on both
informed a public safety officer of the fire
sides of the wall but met with little success
in progress in the Unit 1 reactor building.
in stopping the spread of the fire. The
The public safety officer called the control
assistant shift engineer in charge in the
room and reported the fire, 15 minutes after
reactor building called for the assistance of
it had started.
a nearby community fire department. These
fire fighting personnel arrived on the scene
As the engineer prepared to discharge
after the fire had burned for almost an hour
a fourth extinguisher, the spreading room
and a half. Fire fighting continued in the
carbon dioxide system alarm was sounded
cable spreading room using portable carbon
and all workers evacuated the spreading
dioxide and dry chemical extinguishers for
room. Twenty minutes after the fire started
almost three hours when a near continuous
and after ensuring that no workers were in
application of dry chemical and carbon
the spreading room, an assistant shift
dioxide agents extinguished the cable
engineer attempted to initiate the cable
spreading room fire.
spreading room's total flooding carbon
Fire in the Reactor Building
dioxide system from outside the cable
spreading room, but was unable to do so
because it had been deenergized while
When the two construction workers
workmen were in the spreading room. The
arrived at the penetration in the reactor
assistant shift engineer restored the electrical
building, they discovered the fire had spread
power and initiated the carbon dioxide
into the cable tray system about 20 feet

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