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Page Title: Management and Coordination
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Responsibilities and Authorities
Appendix A of 10 CFR 830 states "The DOE Management Official for a DOE nuclear
facility (that is, the Assistant Secretary, the Assistant Administrator, or the Office Director
who is primarily responsible for the management of the facility) has primary responsibility
within DOE for ensuring that the safety basis for the facility is adequate and complies with
the safety basis requirements of Part 830." It further states "The DOE Management
Official is responsible for ensuring the timely and proper (1) review of all safety basis
documents submitted to DOE and (2) preparation of a safety evaluation rep ort
concerning the safety basis for a facility." Paragraph of the FRAM states that a
CSO can delegate this authority to the FEM for the facility. By assigning responsibilities
for the review and approval of the DSA to another individual, the DOE Management
Official for the facility establishes that individual as the new approval authority. Assigning
responsibilities carries concurrent delegation of authority recognized by the line
management and those responsible for monitoring and auditing implementation of the
The approval authority is responsible for providing a defensible review and approval of
the DSA. Achieving defensible review and approval is facilitated by an independent
review process. Since both the preparation of the DSA and its review and approval
typically fall within the purview of the approval authority, the approval authority assigns a
review team leader the responsibility of performing the independent review. In making
this assignment, the approval authority ensures that the review team leader maintains
sufficient independence of the line organization responsible for the DSA preparation (i.e.,
no responsibility for preparation of the DSA under review) and possesses the technical
competence relevant to the DSA of concern. The details of independently reviewing the
DSA, up to and including recommending approval to the approval authority, are managed
by the review team leader.
The approval authority has responsibility as the single point of contact between DOE and
the facility contractor for all matters regarding review of the DSA. This responsibility is
typically assigned to the review team leader, but the approval authority remains the final
authority on any points requiring arbitration. The single point of contact is the focal point
through which DOE and the facility contractor interface and from which directions to the
facility contractor originate. Requests for any material on the DSA, determination of the
significance of identified issues on such material, and direc tion to the facility contractor
for resolution of issues are approved by the single point of contact. As appropriate,
transmittal of official communications and directions involving significant work effort by
the facility contractor are coordinated with the facility Contracting Officer. Line
management personnel and representatives of organizations responsible for monitoring
and auditing 10 CFR 830 implementation coordinate their activities through the single
point of contact as well.
The approval authority has the specific responsibility of ensuring the review and approval
process represents all DOE entities with vested interest in the facility under review and
considers commitments made to agencies outside DOE. Agencies external to DOE,
however, have no standing under the Orders/Rules structure for approval. Identifying safety
issues and their resolution may involve negotiations between concerned organizations.
Discounting a safety issue raised by any vested interest without giving the issue proper
consideration could reduce safety assurance.
On behalf of the approval authority, the review team leader coordinates the day -to-day
aspects of managing the review and approval process for the DSA. General
responsibilities in this capacity include:

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