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Page Title: Data Preparation and Submission Schedule
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4.2 Data Preparation and Submission Schedule
Participating sites generate a complete, unabridged roster as of January 1 of each calendar
year and generate updated rosters each quarter. Quarterly updates are generated
approximately April 1, July 1, and October 1 of each year. Updated rosters may be
submitted more frequently at the site's discretion. Arrangements for roster submissions on
an alternative schedule must be made with the Data Center. Illness and injury data including
selected information about various types of adverse health events must be reported monthly
to the Data Center. Submissions are due at the Data Center by the 15th day of the following
month; however, as stated previously, some sites have made arrangements to submit their
data on a different schedule depending on their internal data capture systems. OSHA data
are also submitted on a monthly basis when the site elects to capture these data directly from
a source in their Safety organization. If annual CAIRS data submissions are substituted,
only an annual submission is expected in conformance with the CAIRS program's data
submission requirements.
4.3 Worker Confidentiality Protection
All data submitted to the Data Center contain unique, coded identification (ID) numbers to
link the records of a particular worker. Each site should assign every worker on the roster a
unique, permanent, coded ID number to protect the confidentiality of the worker included in
the database. Only this coded number is used to identify data pertaining to the worker.
Names, Social Security numbers, or other personal identification information will not appear
in the Illness and Injury Surveillance database. Encoding an identifier should not be based
on overly simplistic schemes, such as the reversal of the social security number, and must
not produce duplicate identifiers. Moreover, the encryption scheme should not be based on
an identifier such as a personnel number that is subject to change if there is a change in
contractors. Only one worker may be assigned to an identification number. If the worker
leaves the workforce, the identification number cannot be reassigned to a different
individual. A former worker returning to the workforce should be reassigned his/her
original identification number. Both numeric and alphanumeric identifiers are acceptable.

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