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Page Title: Administration of the Results
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members to gain the necessary familiarity with the project prior to the kickoff of the ORR.
Unescorted and unrestricted access to the facility is essential to effectively complete the
review. This will require some investment of time and money in the preparation process.
Get agreement, during development of the ORR plans, between the facility contractor and
the Department of Energy on the details of the operations that are available for
demonstration. Coldruns, partial simulations, and full walkthroughs are options, but an
effort must be made to achieve a demonstration as close as possible to actual operations as
allowed by the current restrictions of the shutdown.
Obtain and review the documented results of the contractor ORR/RA, including corrective
action plans and evidence files documenting corrective action taken. Copies of corrective
action documentation need to be readily available to the DOE ORR/RA team. Corrective
action closure packages should be prepared in accordance with DOE-STD-3006-95,
Section 5.7.3.
Give consideration to requiring the contractor to deliver a completed set of surveillance
procedures and authorization basis documents to the team leader as a prerequisite to the
Ensure that records, plans, and other documentation requested by the ORR/RA team are
readily available, preferably in a central location. A review, several days in advance of the
ORR/RA should be used to verify that what was requested is really there. In addition, this
will reinforce the importance of the information requests by the individual team members.
Conduct a training session prior to the ORR/RA or no later than the beginning of the review
process to communicate the expectations and deliverables required of the team. Format,
content, and style (how to use and fill out) of Forms 1 (Assessment Forms), of Forms 2
(Deficiency Forms), and functional area summaries should be discussed to eliminate a
compounding of the administrative load as the review progresses. Acceptable samples of
these deliverables should be provided to all the team members prior to the start of the
review. This guide provides explicit instructions on the use of the forms, and the team
leader can use this to provide training to the team. The technical editor or the RC should be
equally aware of the requirements and could conduct the training.
Provide draft Form 2s to site personnel as soon as an issue starts to be identified. Be sure
that it is understood that the forms are draft documents (and should be marked as such) to
avoid legal or public record exposure issues. Providing these forms to the site provides
them an opportunity to produce further information that may clarify the issue and creates an
air of openness that will contribute favorably to the review.

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