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Page Title: Defining the Work and Hazards
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Defining the Work and Hazards
The identification of work and associated hazards is one of the most critical elements in the
N&S Process. Proper identification requires application of the collective knowledge of DOE and
contractor personnel who have direct experience with the work, the hazards and the workplace.
Without a clear definition of the work and its associated hazards and uncertainties, a set of
standards may be insufficient to provide the desired level of protection or may contain
inappropriate standards that will waste resources. For established and on going activities, this
may only require assembling existing documentation. For new activities, this effort may involve
the development of a rigorous hazards identification process conducted in conjunction with the
formal engineering design process.
The identification of the work and the hazards actually begins with the determination that the
N&S Closure Process should be applied. DOE and contractor management identify the
scope(s) of work for Process application. As work progresses from Agreement Parties to
Convened Group to Identification Team, the definition of the work and hazards becomes
progressively more refined. The N&S Closure Process is by intent iterative in nature and this
iteration among the teams has been most evident in reaching agreement on clear definition of
the work and hazards. Teams have gone though many cycles of work design, hazards
elimination and hazards control in order to first eliminate hazards from the work place and then
agree on the residual hazards which must be controlled. Good communication among teams is
essential and the Agreement Parties must be well engaged to assure themselves that factors of
engineered design, process design, work design and other hazard controls are addressed.
Role of the Process Leader
Ensuring the accurate identification of the standards set for the scope of work and associated
hazards is one of the most important duties performed by the Process Leader. After conducting
any research and study of the subject, the Process Leader should schedule a session with the
members of the Convened Group to ensure that a good understanding of the scope of work and
the definition of the hazards has been established. The Process Leader should have resolved
any questions on this subject with key personnel such as line managers, the contracting officer,

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