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Page Title: Providing Feedback and Lessons Learned
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Providing Feedback and Lessons Learned
Providing feedback and continuous improvement is the fifth core function of ISM. This function,
however, is more than simply a single step in a five-step process. Continuous evaluation and
improvement should characterize all the functions and activities of an effective ISMS. The
development and application of lessons learned is an effective means of doing this. Since the
N&S Process provides one means for carrying out some of the ISM core functions (definition of
work scope, analysis of hazards, and development of hazards controls), the N&S Process
should similarly involve a deliberate and purposeful search for and application of lessons
Because the N&S Process and ISM are consonant and share a common conceptual foundation,
lessons learned during an N&S Process application can be particularly valuable in implementing
ISM. A consistent focus on the work; the development of tailored sets of standards to perform
work and control hazards; and, the involvement of Stakeholders, Interested Parties, and
workers are central tenets of both ISM and the N&S Process. An application of the N&S
Process will provide a wealth of practical insight into these and other principles and their
application in the context of a specific site, facility, or project. In order to effectively translate
and utilize these insights in establishing an ISMS, individuals experienced in the N&S Process
should be selected to help spearhead ISM implementation. Similarly, application of the N&S
Process should be undertaken as part of an overall ISMS rather than as a separate activity.
This Handbook is a compilation of lessons learned from N&S Process applications and pilots.
The initiation and implementation of the N&S Process has occurred widely across the complex
since 1995. Through early pilots and follow on N&S Process applications, a considerable
number of lessons were learned. The N&S Process is most effective when the lessons learned
in developing, implementing, and maintaining the set of standards are shared. Sharing lessons
learned in the N&S Process is an effective means to ensure that the lessons learned in one
application will be effectively communicated. A discussion of these lessons learned can be
found on the Work Smart Standards home page ( General
information about Integrated Safety Management implementation is available at the ISM home
page ( In addition, the Department's Lesson Learned home page

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