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Page Title: Role of the Identification Team cont'd
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Identify the standards that constitute a necessary and sufficient set and are feasible to
implement. The WSS set must include all applicable federal, state, and local laws and
regulations plus any other standards that are judged necessary to provide adequate
protection for workers, the public, and the environment. The determinations of adequacy
and feasibility are based on team members' judgment and experience, buttressed by
team interaction and discussion, and the involvement of additional experts if needed.
Feasibility relates to the local context and the Responsible Organization's readiness to
implement the WSS set. Contentious issues of feasibility should be referred to the
Convened Group as they are responsible for line management buy-in with the WSS set.
Reach consensus on and justify the WSS set. It is essential that team members begin
by "agreeing to agree" and engage in constructive dialogue to reach consensus.
Protocols for group decision-making and consensus should be applied. Since
experience has shown the value of synergistic interactions among team members with
different technical backgrounds, most of the team's work should be conducted in face-to-
face meetings. Justification means that a rationale is developed for the adequacy and
feasibility of the standards proposed for inclusion in the WSS set. Consideration of
feasibility should be in consonance with the conclusion that the standards set provides
reasonable assurance of adequate protection. Feasibility focus is not on the ability of
the standards to guide performance (i.e. "adequacy"), but rather on a potential future
failure to achieve standards-based and safe work. Such failures could occur if
management systems and processes are not capable of delivering work based on the
WSS set or if resources are not sufficient to design and perform the work consistent with
the WSS set. The N&S Closure Process requires the Identification and Confirmation
Teams to assess both the adequacy and feasibility of the standards set. The agreed
upon definition of the work and the institutional implementing assumptions about how
that work will be carried out are first developed as a description of initial conditions by
the Convened Group during Process Element 1: Defining the Work and Hazards. The
requirements for describing both work objectives and a relationship for those work
objectives to some organized system for the delivery of that work are equally important
to the ultimate utility of the WSS set. By starting with the Convened Group's core of
guidance, the identification team is reasonably expected to further refine the definition of

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