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Page Title: Review Lessons Learned Documents for Applicability
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Lessons Learned Handbook:
Review Lessons Learned Documents for Applicability
It is suggested that DOE organizations establish a process for determining the
applicability of each lesson learned and for determining what actions will be taken as
a result of the information. It is useful to establish specific steps so that there is no
confusion about the expected procedure. For example:
IF the lesson learned applies to your organization and is significant enough to warrant
corrective actions,
THEN determine the appropriate action(s) to respond (formal or informal) and
obtain proper approval authority.
IF formal action is appropriate,
THEN enter the condition into the site corrective action tracking system.
IF informal action is appropriate,
THEN distribute the lesson learned in the most effective way appropriate for
your situation. This may include:
Entering the lesson learned into required reading.
Discussing the lesson learned at a safety meeting.
Forwarding the lesson learned to the appropriate persons electronically.
Posting a hard copy of the lesson learned document on a bulletin board.
In addition, the following steps should be taken:
Enter requests for facility modifications into the appropriate system or contact
the appropriate management representative.
Route any lessons that affect training materials to your organization's training
department for action.
Disseminate the lesson learned to all employees that may benefit from it.
Remember that corrective actions such as required reading and training rely mainly on
human memory. Without frequent use or review, memory may fade. These methods
should be combined with other options or used when the problem is temporary.
Distributing to Appropriate Staff
Distribution of the lesson learned should be determined by its nature, urgency, and
desired audience. For each lesson learned, identify the recipients, how quickly it
should be distributed, and when any required reading is due. Timeliness is an
important element of distribution. In general, any lesson learned that is urgent (color-
coded red for DOE-wide distribution) should be distributed immediately. Specific
instructions should be developed for dissemination of urgent lessons learned. The
DOE Lessons Learned List Server should be included as a vehicle for immediate
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