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Page Title: Log Reviews
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The correction should be initialed and dated. An example of this method of correction is
shown in Appendix A (Note 7).
When an error is discovered by someone other than the person who made the entry, the
person making the discovery should not change the original entry. A new entry should be
made in the log at the time of discovery to indicate that an error has been identified. The
new entry should include the date and time of the incorrect entry and the incorrect
information, and should clearly state the correct information. A note in the margin at the
location of the incorrect entry, giving the date and time of the new entry, can be used to
inform personnel that an error has been identified. Appendix A (Notes 10 and 13) contains
an example of an entry to correct a previous error.
4.6 Log Reviews
At the beginning of each shift, the oncoming personnel should review the log entries since
their last shift (or for a time period specified in facility guidelines). This review will
familiarize personnel with recent changes in the status of equipment and bring them up to
date on current processes or activities.
Supervisors should review the logs of subordinates during each shift. This review enables
the supervisor to ensure that the entries are accurate and adequate. It also provides the
supervisor with an additional perspective on the operation, since detailed equipment
observations are more likely to be included in individual logs. The supervisor should
document each log review. One method is to make an entry directly in the log at the time
of review. Appendix A (Note 9) illustrates this.
Logs should also be made available for review by persons outside the operating
organization. For example, system engineers and maintenance engineers can use operating
logs to help detect potential problems in the equipment or procedures. Training personnel
can use logs to develop instructive examples that accurately reflect facility operations or
4.7 Storage of Completed Logs
Completed logs should be retained in or near the operating area for a sufficient time to
permit review by operators returning to work after extended absences.
Each facility should establish written guidance for storing completed logs after they have
been reviewed. Logs should be stored in a manner that will preserve them throughout the

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