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Page Title: Resolution of Discrepancies
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control program, the number and nature of reportable events, and deficiencies and conflicts uncovered
in using design documents.
Completeness reviews should be conducted by system or topic. For each system or topic, the full set
of extracted, verified, and validated design requirements or design basis should be collected and
evaluated as a unit. Evaluation of these sets of information is a direct precursor to DIS preparation.
Several different approaches are possible for determining the completeness of design information, as
described in Section The technical management review is the recommended approach to
completing evaluation of the extracted information because of the breadth and depth of experience that
can be applied and because of the independence of the review from the initial extraction, verification,
and technical validation. The review process should be procedurally established, taking into
consideration any lessons learned from the initial technical management review employed for the CM
program design requirements element.
The technical management review of design requirements may begin upon the completion of the smart
search, which concentrates on the source documents most likely to contain design requirements, and
may proceed in parallel with the comprehensive search, which focuses on documents containing
design basis information and, thus, is not expected to yield many new design requirements. This review
is conducted before the design basis review so that the initial DISs can be issued and candidate design
requirements for regeneration can be determined as promptly as possible. Technical management
review of design basis information should be initiated following completion of the comprehensive
search. The processes for the design requirements and design basis reviews should be essentially the
same, even though the reviews can occur at different times.
Following the management review and completion and approval of any additional actions,, the design
information is ready for formatting and initial DIS issuance. The final validation activity, field validation,
occurs following the regeneration of critical missing design information and the preparation of DISs.
The program criteria establish that a formal discrepancy resolution process should be defined and
used to support the DR program. The discrepancy resolution process interfaces with existing facility
programs, as indicated in Figure 35. Open items should be identified to expose unanswered technical
questions, concerns, and cases of missing or inaccurate information. Open items will arise from
documentation conflicts; undocumented verifications and validations; and undocumented design inputs,
constraints, calculations, and analyses. The validity of items should be confirmed; if an open item is not
valid, it should be closed.
Open items may be identified at any point in the design reconstitution process, from information
retrieval to field validation. Strong interaction is to be expected between the design information
evaluation function (i.e., verification, validation, and technical management review) and the discrepancy
resolution function, because the evaluation function concentrates on the accuracy and completeness of
the extracted design information.
Open items with safety significance should be identified as discrepancies. Preliminary safety--
significance screening of discrepancies includes an assessment of TSR, SAR, and DOE commitment
impacts. If any such impacts are identified, the discrepancy should be evaluated for operability and
reportability impacts. Safety-significant discrepancies are to be promptly transferred to existing problem
resolution programs, such as those for nonconformance reporting, to determine if any immediate action
is necessary. Existing programs are appropriate for operability and reportability reviews because they
are specifically designed to accommodate such reviews and they command the necessary experience

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