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Page Title: Qualification of the stabilization and packaging process would permit materials
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compliance with DOE-STD-3013 for a limited set of stabilized plutonium-bearing
materials. The memorandum provides DOE sites the flexibility to determine the
appropriate applicability of SFE based on additional evaluation and studies
conducted at LANL. In addition, each site has the flexibility to request
authorization, with justification, for moisture measurement methods of its
selection. Inclusion of other techniques requires independent evaluation and
DOE approval consistent with Item 5 of the Foreword.
2) Qualification of the stabilization and packaging process would permit materials to
be stabilized and packaged without the requirement for measuring the moisture
content of every batch of material to be packaged.
The plan to qualify a process must be developed by the packaging site,
consistent with quality assurance requirements and practice at that site. The plan
must include the following information: 1) specific materials to be stabilized and
packaged; 2) process parameters (times, temperatures, glovebox humidity, etc.)
that define the process being qualified; 3) product testing program to
demonstrate process stability and product consistency; 4) post-qualification
materials testing needed to verify continued process control; 5) any changes to
storage surveillance requirements needed to assess storage safety; and
6) actions (such as including the process parameters in the facility Authorization
Basis) required to "institutionalize" the qualified process. If the materials to be
packaged are to be stored at another site, it is recommended that the storing site
be consulted during development of the qualification plan.
Approval of a qualified process will be subject to a technical review of the
qualification plan and testing program by an independent technical review team
appointed by the Savannah River Operations Office, Nuclear Programs Division
Office (see Item 5 of the Foreword). The review must include an assessment of
the plan and testing results by the storing site, if that site is different than the
packaging site.
3. The criterion of 0.5 wt% moisture provides a reasonable balance between the
difficulty of achieving and measuring lower moisture contents and the cost (of both
the container and any ancillary impact on storage facility size) of providing a
container that will withstand the pressure theoretically generated by a higher

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