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Page Title: Final Preparations for the ORR
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Initial Team Meeting During The Pre-visit
Guide to Good Practices for Operational Readiness Reviews - index
Review Coordinator Responsibilities - doe-hdbk-3012-20030015

Provide administrative information such as area phone numbers, dining locations, etc., at this
Advise team members to keep the Team Leader abreast of all concerns and new developments as they
arise to minimize confusion and miscommunication as information is collected.
Advise team members that the Team Leader must clear participation in any site activity by the team
members (e.g., special tours) not directly related to the review. All discussions with site management
outside the assigned CRADs should also be cleared through the Team Leader.
Insist that all complaints, concerns, suggestions, and information be passed through the Team Leader
as soon as possible. Identify problems with counterparts to the Team Leader.
Advise team members not to meet with external regulatory or oversight agencies, such as state
environmental protection agencies, without the permission of the Team Leader. Exceptions must be
approved in advance with the Team Leader who must notify the appropriate management personnel.
Advise team members to strictly adhere to the need-to-know criteria in dealing with classified shapes,
components, data, or processes. Team members should immediately identify any difference of
opinion that arises with the site on access to information.
Explain that no contractor business development will take place onsite. Any such activity will result
in removal from the ORR. This does not mean that a contractor must refrain from giving out a
business card, if asked. It does mean they are not permitted to solicit business from site personnel.
Explain the format to be used for completing the final report and how the team members' input will be
integrated into the report.
3.4.1 RESPONSIBILITIES Team Leader Responsibilities
Finalize the ORR Implementation Plan. The Implementation Plan should be finalized immediately
following or even during the pre-visit, if possible. Further information concerning development of the
Implementation Plan is contained in section 5.9.2 and Appendices 1 through 4 of the ORR Standard.
Prior to approval by the Team Leader, the Implementation Plan should be forwarded via the local
DOE Site Office to the Office of Environment, Safety and Health (EH) for review and comment, as
discussed in section 5.3.2 of the ORR Standard. It is important to remember that although EH
approval of the Implementation Plan is not required, it is appropriate to allow adequate time for their
review and comments. The Team Leader should make a good faith effort to resolve all comments. It
may also be appropriate to provide the plan to DOE and contractor line management for review to
confirm the technical accuracy of the information in the plan.
Establish the length of the ORR. In developing the ORR schedule, several factors need to be
considered, among them the complexity of the facility/process being reviewed, the number of team
members available, the number of interviews and evolutions to be conducted, and the number of shift
evolutions to be observed. Experience has shown that even limited scope ORRs need a minimum of a
week for fieldwork. Several days are then needed to analyze the data, conduct follow-up, and
develop coherent and informative conclusions, as well as to complete the extensive administrative
requirements prior to leaving the site. Two weeks as a general guideline has been a challenging but
achievable goal.
Establish the ORR schedule. If possible, the first day(s) should address administrative reviews and
management interviews. This will help assure review team familiarity with the processes and the
people. Next, observation of evolutions should be scheduled. Save level of knowledge interviews for
last to aid in evaluating whether observed miss steps were a matter of an individual failure or a

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