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Evaluation Results cont'd - s3007cn10114
Guidelines For Preparing Criticality Safety Evaluations at Department of Energy Non-Reactor Nuclear Facilities
Evaluation Results cont'd - s3007cn10116

A large bag-in-bag, connected from a gloveport to a 55-gallon drum, could be used to move one
bottle of fissionable liquid at a time into the glovebox with existing limits, as it is considered part
of the glovebox. Clearly, if the liquid were to leak from the bottle into the bag, it would still only
be a 4 liter volume already bounded by the previous paragraph. Any leak from the bottle into the
drum must be considered in the criticality safety evaluation for the drum. Note that the bag-in bag
itself, per bag-in procedures, must be secured such that it does not collect fissionable liquids when
6.3 Glovebox 2402 (GB-2402): GB-2402 is located in room 1103. It is constructed of -stainless
steel with 0.25" lead and is nominally 12'long x 2.5'wide x 4.74'high. This glovebox contains
two maximum-size l -liter pumps (P2401 A/B), one vacuum pick-up wand with fulflo filter
FL2406, and additional fulflo filter FL2407 installed on the return line from pumps P2401 A/B to
tanks D-2401 A/B/C/D. Process sampler, ME-2403, is used to sample tanks D-2401 A/B/C/D.
Samples are collected in three 20 ml vials and removed via sample drop. A standard SG-508
criticality drain is installed in GB-2402, thus flooding above a two-inch depth is precluded. Since
the maximum credible concentration in Building 371 is 150 g/l, thus meeting the concentration
limit on the D-2401 A/B/C/D tanks, the vacuum pickup wand may be used for spills both internal
and external to GB-2402.
In Appendix M the total volume of two pumps, two filter housings, three used fulflo filters, and
200 ml of samples in GB-2402 was estimated at 8.2 liters. Increasing the sample volume to 1000
ml will result in a total volume of 9 liters. The total volume further increases to 11.2 liters with
the addition of a 2.2 liter container-of kimwipes used to collect spills. This is clearly subcritical,
even in a spherical volume, for concentrations up to at least 250 g/l, as referenced in figure 32 of
LA-10860. Note that full reflection of this sphere would be at least double contingent since it
would require the criticality drain to clog (unlikely) and a large source of liquid to fill the
glovebox, such as a major pipe leak or fire suppression liquid (either also unlikely). While this
curve from figure 32 is for unreflected spherical volumes, the conservatism of using a combined
spherical volume as opposed to individual containers in a on-layer planar array, as well as, the
assumption of the 2 liter container of kimwipes being 150 g/l Pu solution, is judged to well bound
the nominal reflection of operator hands. Further note that at 250 g/l, a spherical volume of over
15 liters is required before criticality is possible.
6.4 Glovebox 18: GB- 18 is located in room 1115. It is constructed of stainless steel, 1/8" lead,
and 2" waterwall, and is nominally 11'long x 3'wide x 10'high. Reference Appendix F for a
layout of this glovebox. Solution is received into two nominally 6" ID x 66" high clarifier
columns spaced approximately 35" center-to-center from each other. A caustic, such as
Mg(OH)2, is added and the liquid filtered through an R6 filter (nominally 18" ID x 2" H) located
over two feet away at the other end of the glovebox. Supernate liquid is collected in two nominal
6" ID x 66" high decant columns spaced on approximate 32" centers from each other. Nearest
spacing between decant columns and clarifier columns is approximately 17" center-to-center from
each other. A vacuum pickup wand and fulflo filter FL-2434 is approximately 15" edge-to-edge
above and approximately 14" center-to-center horizontally from the R6 filter. A maximum-size 1-
liter pump (P-2411) is also located in this box. A standard SG-508 criticality drain is installed in

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