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Page Title: Facility Coverage and Staffing
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4.1.2 Facility Coverage and Staffing. This standard is designed to provide
flexibility to field elements in how they choose to use their available
resources in applying this standard for a Facility Representative
Program . Field Element Managers should assign Facility
Representatives to facilities based on programmatic importance and
potential environmental, safety, and/or health impact. The Field
Element Manager should prepare staffing plans to document these
assignments and supporting rationale.
a. Field Element Managers shall assign one or more full-time Facility
Representatives to each hazard category 1 facility, unless the Field
Element Manager and Secretarial Officer agree that less coverage is
necessary. For hazard category 2 or 3 facilities, Field Element
Managers may assign a Facility Representative to two or more
facilities. In unusual situations, when it is impractical to assign a
sufficient number of facilities to occupy a person full-time, the Field
Element Manager may assign the duties of a Facility Representative
to be performed part-time as a collateral function.
b. It is important that a Facility Representative's primary duty of
providing DOE an on-site presence not be diminished. Field
Element Managers should make assignments so that Facility
Representatives spend a significant portion of their time in their
assigned facility(s). It is preferable that Facility Representative
offices be located within the facility of primary responsibility. Field
Element Managers should make assignments so that administrative
work does not prevent Facility Representatives from performing
their primary function of monitoring the performance of the facility
and its operations as described in Section 5.2.
c. It is important for the field element to ensure the proper number of
Facility Representative positions are established to maintain
adequate coverage. The number of Facility Representatives
assigned to facilities is based on the number of buildings or areas
involved, their size, complexity, hazard levels and risks, level of
operational activity, and uncertainties associated with the
aforementioned factors. The Secretarial Officers should monitor
field element activities for establishing the number of Facility
representative positions to ensure that staff and resources are
sufficient to provide adequate Facility Representative coverage.
d. Additionally, to the degree that Facility Representatives are
advanced or otherwise lost from the program, Field Element
Managers should take necessary steps to ensure departing Facility
Representatives are replaced in a timely manner. The Secretarial

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