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Page Title: How can I indicate my participation in non-Government standards activities?
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DOE Technical Standards Program
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How can I find out who represents DOE on any non-Government standards
committee, working group, or management board?
DOE-TSL-4, Directory of DOE and Contractor Personnel Involved in Non-Government
Standards Activities, contains a listing of DOE employees and DOE contractors who participate in
non-Government standards activities. This Directory was compiled from those participants who
submitted form DOE F 1300.2 and from rosters supplied by non-Government standards bodies.
DOE-TSL-4 is available on the Technical Standards Program (TSP) Home Page under the heading
"Approved Standards."
How can I indicate my participation in non-Government standards activities?
You can document your participation in the development of non-Government standards or on
management boards of voluntary standards bodies using DOE F 1300.2, "Record of Non-
Government Standards Activity." This form was developed in response to a requirement in OMB
Circular A-119 that requires all agencies of the Federal Government to report the number of Agency
employee participations in non-Government standards activities. New participations, revisions of
information previously submitted, or terminations of membership should be documented using this
form. A copy of the form is available from (a) an attachment to DOE Order 252.1, (b) the Technical
Standards Program Procedures, or (c) the Technical Standards Program (TSP) Home Page under
the heading "News/Forms/Annual Report/Crosswalks" and then select "Forms."
What is the best way to find out the status of specific DOE technical standard
Project registration number assignments and status are available on the Technical Standards
Program (TSP) Home Page. You can find this information by clicking on "Registered Projects."
When is the development of a new DOE technical standard warranted?
In accordance with Public Law (PL) 104-113 and OMB Circular A-119, DOE organizations, sites
and facilities preferentially use existing, suitable non-Government standards (voluntary consensus
standards) for all DOE programs and applications. Once the need for a technical standard is
identified, non-Government standards should be considered and used first; Government standards
should be considered and used next; and lastly, a DOE technical standard should be developed
and used only in the absence of an appropriate non-Government or Government standard or the
inability of a voluntary standards organization to produce a standard on a schedule consistent with
Department priorities.
What is the process for getting a new DOE technical standard developed?
First, make a list of reasons for needing such a document. Then, discuss that list with your line
supervisor and verify that you have searched for appropriate existing voluntary consensus
standards but have found none that are suitable. Once the two of you agree on the need, notify
your Technical Standards Manager (TSM), who will assist you with the project registration process.
You can find the name of your TSM on the Technical Standards Program (TSP) Home Page. If you
have some questions about how to start the process, call the Technical Standards Program Office

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