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Page Title: What should I consider when developing a title for a DOE technical standard?
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DOE Technical Standards Program
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
(TSPO). Further guidance is contained in the TSP procedure DOE-TSPP-2, "Establishing the Need
for a Technical Standard." You can view the procedure on the TSP Home Page under the heading
"Write or Revise a DOE Technical Standard." Additionally, copies of the procedure are available
from the TSPO.
Once the need for a DOE technical standard has been identified, where can I go for
help in the appropriate style to use in developing the standard?
A Style Guide containing guidance for the development or maintenance of DOE technical
standards, handbooks, or technical standards lists is available on the Technical Standards (TSP)
Home Page on the "Technical Standards Program Information" page.
What should I consider when developing a title for a DOE technical standard?
The title briefly states the subject of the document. When the document is listed in a database of
documents, the titles can be searched for key words to locate documents that cover a selected
subject matter. Consequently, the title should project the closest possible description of the
document in as few words as possible. Words that are most likely to be used in electronic searches
should be used. Words such as "standard", "handbook", "guide", "good practice", and references to
other documents should not be used unless absolutely necessary to convey the contents of the
How can I obtain a document number for a new DOE technical standard?
Contact the Technical Standards Manager (TSM) of your headquarters office. A block of
document identification numbers has been assigned to each Headquarters TSM, and the TSM is
charged with issuing and controlling their use.
Sometimes I receive a draft of a DOE technical standard for review that is not
accompanied by the Preparing Activity's (PA's) address or phone number. How can
I obtain this information?
There are several possible routes to a PA's address:
If the PA is a DOE employee, look up the information on the DOE Internet "Telephone Book"
The phone numbers and Email addresses (when available) of all authors of DOE technical
standards projects are listed under "Draft DOE Technical Standards" on the Technical
Standards Program (TSP) Home Page.
Why is a Microsoft Word file needed when a document is sent to the
Technical Standards Program Office (TSPO)? As the responsible Preparing Activity
(PA), why can't I send a PDF file only?
A Microsoft Word file is needed because PDF files do not allow users to make changes.
Occasionally, the PDF files we receive do not match the hard copies that the PA sends. One reason
these copies might be mismatched is because the hard copy was printed from the Microsoft Word

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