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documents are required. This dual role places fundamental limits on the
ability of DOE to completely segregate the processes of preparation and
review of these documents. For example, the FEM has responsibility for
both the operation of the facility and the review and approval of the DSA
and TSRs. However, in order to be as objective as possible in the review
process, most of the reviewers of the DSA and TSRs should not be
responsible for the operation of the facility, including the preparation of the
DSA and TSRs. It is not expected that these reviews will be conducted
completely separate from the preparation. This standard encourages
interface between the two processes to develop familiarity with the facility's
safety basis, to respond to requests from the preparer for early
identification and resolution of potential issues, and to discern the scope of
subsequent review and the extent of approval documentation required.
DOE strives for an effective, streamlined review and approval process for
DSAs and TSRs while still achieving an acceptable level of safety
assurance. This Standard advocates proper planning for a review and
encourages an integrated review process where all parties with vested
interest in a facility safety basis coordinate throughout the review and
DOE manages review issues requiring resolution for approval in that
reviewers establish and document the safety significance of issues prior to
submittal for possible resolution. Guidance is provided to focus facility
contractor's resolution of issues on those issues determined to be
necessary for adequately establishing and documenting the facility safety
This Standard provides guidelines for reviewing the DSA through
assessment of the major subject areas of a safety analysis as defined by
the following DSA approval bases:
Base information;
Hazard and accident analyses;
Safety structures, systems, and components (SSCs);
Derivation of technical safety requirements; and
Safety management program characteristics
This Standard also provides guidelines for reviewing the TSRs. There is
only one approval basis for a TSR document and that is the TSR
provisions themselves. Determining the adequacy of the TSRs generally
entails a disciplined analysis and tracing of commitments to hazard
controls in a DSA through appropriate provisions that implement these
controls in a TSR document.
The Safety Evaluation Report (SER) is primarily a management document that
provides the approval authority the basis for the extent and detail of the review
of the DSA and TSRs and the basis for and any conditions of approval. This
Standard endorses the concept that the contents of a SER are concise
summary statements and that little benefit is gained from the wholesale
recapturing of elements already contained in a DOE -owned DSA or TSRs or
from reproducing original analysis that, if deemed critical, is performed as part
of the review process.

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