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Page Title: Guiding Principles
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The following guiding principles pertain to the application and provisions of this Standard.
The documents (i.e., DOE orders, manuals, guides, and standards) listed
in Table 2 of Appendix A to 10 CFR 830 Subpart B provide approved
methodologies for meeting the DSA requirements of 10 CFR 830.
Developed consistent with and as a companion to these documents, this
standard does not reiterate the provisions of these documents.
If a contractor uses a method other than a safe harbor method, it must
obtain DOE approval of the method before developing the DSA. Likewise,
if a contractor uses a safe harbor method to develop the DSA, but does not
follow the method completely, the contractor should request DOE approval
of the method with the specific deviations noted. The us e of alternative
methods or specific deviations from the safe harbor methods must have,
(1) for NNSA facilities the approval of the Deputy Administrator or for non-
NNSA facilities the approval or concurrence [if the responsibility is
delegated to the field element manager (FEM)] of the Cognizant Secretarial
Office (CSO) as specified in paragraph 9.3.1 of DOE Manual 411.1-1B,
"Safety Management Functions, Responsibilities, and Authorities Manual
(FRAM)", and (2) the approval of the FEM and the review and concurrence
(or comment if an NNSA facility is involved) of the DOE Headquarters
Office of Environment, Safety, and Health (DOE HQ / EH) as specified in
paragraph of the FRAM.
The DOE Management Official (i.e., the Assistant Secretary, the Assistant
Administrator, or the Office Director) who is primarily responsible for a DOE
nuclear facility may assign responsibility to their designees for review and
approval of the DSA and TSRs and delegate authority commensurate with
this responsibility. Paragraph of the FRAM states that a Cognizant
Secretarial Officer can delegate this authority to the FEM for the facility.
Through such actions, the DOE Management Official establishes a new
approval authority but does not relinquish the ultimate responsibility and
authority in ensuring adequate performance of that approval authority. In
carrying out assigned responsibilities, the approval authority, if not the
DOE Management Official, is at all times accountable to the DOE
Management Official.
Independent review of the DSA and TSRs facilitates achieving defensible
approval. Since both the preparation and the review and approval of these
documents may fall under the purview of the approval authority, independent
review is achieved by designating a review team leader with the responsibility
and authority to conduct independent assessments. The review team leader is
independent of any responsibility for preparation of the documents under
The approval authority is the single point of contact between DOE and the
facility contractor for all areas of review and approval of DSA and TSRs. In
this capacity, the approval authority serves as the focal point through which
DOE interfaces with the facility contractor and from which directions to the
facility contractor originate. This is accomplished through the review team
leader and in conjunction with official contractor interfaces.
DOE is responsible for both the operation and the regulation (e.g., review
and approval of DSAs and TSRs) of the facilities for which these

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