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Page Title: Review Process
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category; (2) statement of the facility mission and scope of operations encompassed by
the facility mission; (3) summary of the major facility hazards and dominant accident
scenarios; (4) discussion of pertinent exemptions and/or consent agreements impacting
the approval; (5) discussions of major mission- and project-related influences impacting
the decision to authorize operation; and (6) any conditions of approval and/or open
issues raised with regard to the approval bases, including schedules for completion (if
applicable). The executive summary concludes with a statement on the acceptability of
the DSA and TSRs indicating that these documents have undergone an appropriate
review and that the facility safety basis as documented is acceptable with stated
conditions of approval, if any.
Review Process
This section provides a brief description of the review process the DSA and TSRs have
undergone and its basis. Because there is no generic level of review effort required, this
section is more the historical top-level documentation of the review process and the
rationale for level of effort and detail. Typical information summarized includes: (1) basic
premises of review, particularly those representing some consensus with the preparer of
the DSA/TSRs; (2) summation of the review effort; (3) key participants in the review
process; and (4) scope of special efforts, if any (e.g., selected independent calculations,
walkthroughs, etc.). Discussion should be brief but still sufficient to provide an
understanding of the thoroughness of the review process and its basis. This section
does not provide a documented record of the details of the review (e.g., issue resolution
Base Information
This section documents the bases of approving the adequacy of base information,
including any conditions of approval imposed. A statement of adequacy is generally
focused and brief. This may entail nothing more than a paragraph stating that the DSA
contains sufficient background and fundamental information to support the review of the
more technical aspects of the DSA (i.e., review of the remaining approval bases). The
majority of any inadequacies in the base information will require revision to the DSA prior
to SER preparation or may be sufficiently minor that they can be resolved in a future DSA
In addition to bases of acceptance, this SER section provides a brief synopsis of major
site, facility, and operational process features. This information is intended for the sole
purpose of providing a minimal, facility-specific context for SER bases of approval, such
that an elementary understanding of the operational envelope can be gleaned from the
SER. The SER does not, however, attempt to repeat detailed safety basis information
contained in the DS A.
Hazard and Accident Analyses
This section documents the bases for approving the hazard and accident analyses,
including any conditions of approval imposed. Such documentation focuses on the
completeness of the analysis and the consistency of the logic used throughout the
analysis process.
In addition to bases of acceptance, this SER section provides: (1) a brief synopsis of
hazards identified; (2) fundamental aspects of defense in depth, worker safety, and
environmental protection; (3) dominant accident potentials; and (4) accident
consequences relative to the DOE-STD-3009 Change Notice No. 2 Evaluation Guideline.
The purpose of summarizing this information is not to recapture detailed information
already present in the DSA. The summary provides the reader an elementary

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