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Page Title: Team Issues
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Investigate whether laptops can be brought on-site.  This is usually not an option
when the review involves classified material. Some form of property accountability
pass may be required by the site.
Establish clear formal and informal communications between the facility and the review
team as early as possible. Define the "rules of the road." This will improve the
effectiveness and efficiency of the ORR/RA. Explain the open, "filters off" nature of the
daily team meetings, and that other briefings can be held with management. While
important, the number and the length of these meetings should be minimized to allow the
members of the review team to do their job.
Emphasize that team members are dedicated for the duration of the review. If a team
member completes their review before the end of the ORR/RA, and is authorized to leave,
their complete Forms 1 and 2 must be signed-off (approved) by the TL before they leave
the site. If a summary is due from the team member, the summary must be accepted by the
TL prior to the team member leaving the site.
Emphasize to team members the need to familiarize themselves with the Implementation
Plan and the facility/process under review before the ORR/RA. This should be
accomplished through the team members' qualification process, which should establish the
minimum requirements for facility familiarity, prior to the review. Additionally, the TL is
responsible in the team selection to ensure that the team members have the required
technical expertise (education/experience) to perform a valid review of the functional area
assigned. This should also be documented through the selection and acceptance process.
Ensure that team members fully understand the scope of the ORR/RA and the time frame in
which it must occur. In some cases, time management decisions and sampling plans will be
important to successful completion of the ORR/RA within the required schedule.
Ensure counterparts have been assigned to each team member or functional area group.
Early identification (usually during the pre-visit) of documents needed, interviews expected,
evolutions and drills requested is helpful to both the team member and the counterpart.
Counterparts need to understand they should be prepared to present the information
required. Team members need to be respectful of their counterpart time constraints and
schedule as few after-hours meetings or interviews as possible.
Capture issues and observations in writing as soon as possible. Forms 2 should be prepared
shortly after an issue is identified. Forms 1 should be prepared shortly thereafter to capture
the full extent of the finding. This will enhance the flow of communication throughout the
review and contribute to openness on the part of both the team and the facility.

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