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Page Title: Table I. Example board grading method cont'd
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To arrive at the area grade, count the grade assigned to the higher
importance questions twice and those of lower importance once. Therefore,
if two questions were high importance and five questions were low
importance the total number of grades averaged would be nine. Using this
method gives added weight to the higher importance questions.
An example of the grading method mentioned, using HI for high importance questions and
LO for low importance questions, is:
The trainee received the following grades from a board member; (1) 3.7 (HI);
(2) 3.4 (LO); (3) 2.8 (HI); (4) 3.8 (LO); (5) 3.7 (LO); (6) 2.9 (LO); (7) 3.6 (HI);
(8) 3.2 (LO).
Calculate the area grade average the grades in this manner:
3.7+3.7+3.4+2.8+2.8+3.8+3.7+2.9+3.6+3.6+3.2 = 37.2.
Divide 37.2 by 11 and the area grade is 3.38.
Appendix B is an example of an individual board member grading sheet (the above grading
method was used to calculate the area grade for the Theory and Abnormal Operations
areas which have high and low importance questions). The area grades are given to the
board chair to determine the overall board grade.
The oral board chair should transfer each board member's area grades to the oral board
grading sheet and calculate both the overall area grades and the final oral board grade. The
facility oral examination procedure should describe how to derive the overall area grade and
the final grade; however, the overall area grade is usually a numerical average of the grades
given by each board member in that area. Appendix C is an example of a final board
grading sheet. The final board grade is determined in this manner:
Pass; If all overall area grades are above the minimum necessary to pass.
Fail; If one or more overall area grades are below the minimum necessary to
pass the board. If any overall area grade is less than the minimum required
to pass the board, the lowest area grade becomes the grade for the board.
For example, if 3.2 is the minimum required to pass and the overall area
grades are 3.3, 3.2, and <3.2 the oral board grade would be <3.2 and be
classified as a failure.

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