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controlled. All contractors and subcontractors using chemicals on the site are responsible for managing
the chemicals from the time the chemical enters the site or is issued to the user until it is dispositioned as
reusable/recyclable, empty, or waste.
During the work-planning phase of a new job or project, all chemicals that will be used for the job or
project are identified and assessed for potential health and physical hazards. Hazard analysis
documentation or the equivalent operating manuals or procedures that govern processes and equipment
are required for all work with known and suspected human carcinogens, chemicals of high acute or high
chronic toxicity, known human reproductive toxins, and explosives. Any product chemical brought
onsite by visitors or subcontractors must have an MSDS and must be reported to the host or the facility
2.2 Acquisition
A centralized Chemical Stores subcontractor manages the procurement of all chemicals and laboratory
supplies and onsite transportation of products to chemical users at LANL. Chemicals obtained through a
purchase request are delivered to the Chemical Stores location, where ES&H Division personnel apply
bar-codes and enter data into the ACIS. Gas cylinders and bulk gases are received and delivered by the
Compressed Gas Processing Center in the Business Operations Division. A chemical purchase report is
provided to ES&H division. This is the primary method to determine that bulk tanks have been refilled.
2.3 Inventory and Tracking
The ACIS is used to track chemicals onsite and to maintain inventories. This system also provides the
necessary data and reports to prepare New Mexico Environment Department submittals and support for
compliance, medical surveillance, exposure monitoring, facility authorization, and safe management. In
addition, the ACIS tracks SARA Title III reporting of onsite hazardous materials and toxic release
inventories. Each record contains a unique bar-code; the chemical content, including name, Chemical
Abstract Service (CAS) number, amount, manufacturer, and catalog number; location of the chemical
(technical area, building, room, and location comments); and its state (solid, liquid, gas), special
temperature requirements, and ownership (group, owner's name, and owner's Z number). LANL
subscribes to several MSDS services. Additionally manufacturers' MSDSs are scanned into an MSDS
web site. Future enhancements of ACIS will connect an ACIS bar-code directly to an MSDS. Chemical
owners can access a generic MSDS for a chemical name or CAS number, as well as all MSDSs for onsite
Viewing and updating ACIS data requires the proper ACIS authority. Chemical owners at LANL have
full viewing and updating authority only over chemical containers in their ownership. To gain authority
over all the containers in a group (ACGRP), the group leader must grant ACGRP. Access to an entire
division's containers requires an e-mail from that division office, requesting that this level of authority be
granted. The ES&H Division has provided a web interface that allows access to ACIS data for authorized
users. Owners can use this web site in a number of ways. They can add a container, update the location of
a container if it has been moved, mark a container as surplus for internal recycling, mark containers as
disposed when the contents have been consumed, perform an annual inventory, accept a chemical
transferred to their ownership, and transfer a chemical to another's ownership.
Chemicals in secondary containers are not tracked except when the building inventory has reached 80
percent of the threshold value for the chemicals listed in 40 CFR 68.130, "Chemical Accident
Prevention." (This list can be found at An e-mail is
sent to the management chain when a chemical has exceeded the 80 percent threshold in a building.

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