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Page Title: Control of Chemical Hazards
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INEEL's program for ensuring that facilities maintain chemical inventories that are below limits placed
upon them by the Uniform Building Code and Uniform Fire Code, consists of the ICMS, the CDSS, and a
procedure. Every CPCHA at INEEL has been characterized as to its building code classification, and that
information has been entered into the CDSS and the ICMS. Facility reports are available through the
ICMS to help determine whether chemical inventories are approaching the facility limits.
2.6 Control of Chemical Hazards
INEEL controls chemical hazards at the activity level. Each CPCHA is reviewed to determine if a less
hazardous substitute can be used without negatively impacting the work or safety. CPCHAs are also
reviewed to determine if any controls need to be put into place. For example, barriers (such as glove
boxes, fume hoods, and remote operation), monitoring, personnel protective equipment (PPE), and similar
controls may be required to protect the employee, facility, or environment. During these reviews, factors
such as other CPCHAs and other materials in the work area that may interact with CPCHAs that will be
used during a work activity are evaluated. Processes exist for both operations and R&D for employees tp
know hazards and how mitigation occurs. They can also go to the CDSS to determine what the proper
secondary container label would be for any CPCHAs they are using. Employees are informed of signs
and symptoms of exposures, and, in the event of an exposure, the employee enters a medical surveillance
2.7 Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization
Several programs are in place to address pollution prevention and waste minimization. The INEEL
recycles a variety of materials through subcontracts, donations, and as excess material available to the
public. Subcontracts reclaim useful portions of products prior to disposal or residual material. The
INEEL's Pollution Prevention (P2) Program has been strategically positioned in the Waste Generator
Services group, which facilitates integration in other equally important and programs such as ISO 14001,
RCRA, and other associated disciplines. Te P2 Program is made up of five major elements: Solid Waste
Management, which identifies recycling opportunities and develops supporting subcontracts to facilitate
waste reduction and the Material Exchange Program; P2 Integration, which includes Pollution Prevention
in Design, Affirmative Procurement, and ISO 14001; Planning and Reporting Program; Waste Reduction,
which assists generators in conduction Pollution Prevention Opportunity Assessments to identify P2
opportunities in their work processes; and Training and Awareness.
The INEEL Affirmative Procurement Program encourages purchasing products with a recycled content
material whenever possible. This program won the 2000 National Pollution Prevention Award for
Affirmative Procurement and the White House Closing the Circle Award.
2.8 Emergency Management
An emergency management organization is tasked with planning for potential emergencies. This
organization is responsible for ensuring that adequate resources are available, that appropriate notification
processes are in place, that adequate memorandums of understanding are in place with neighboring local
governments and agencies, and that the INEEL hazardous materials response team is adequately trained
and prepared. A major concern of this organization is the potential for a chemical accident. To help with
their planning and response activities, the emergency management organization maintains an interface
with ICMS so that they have a real-time knowledge of what CPCHAs are present at what facility and in
what quantities. During an emergency, they can access ICMS to determine what is present and plan the
response accordingly. Exercises to test their ability to respond are held several times a year.

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