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Page Title: Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization
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2.7 Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization
The CCMC strives to reduce the amount of hazardous chemicals and chemical products procured (see
Section 2.1), attempts to find nonhazardous substitutes for environmentally unfriendly chemical products,
and implements the Excess Chemical Program to minimize potential waste and promote resource
The SRS Excess Chemical Program, administered by the CCMC, is designed to accept chemicals and
chemical products from those site facilities which have no immediate use for these materials as a result of
changes in mission. This program avoids the otherwise costly disposal of chemicals and the generation of
hazardous wastes. Most excess chemicals are stored in a central Excess Chemical Warehouse for
disbursement to the site facilities, free of charge to the receiving organization. The CCMC keeps the
inventory information in a database that requestors and buyers can review before processing a chemical
purchase requisition. In the case where a facility's excess chemical inventory is too large, the materials
are left in that facility and marketed "in place."
The Excess Chemical Program saves on acquisition costs and provides the needed chemicals to the onsite
user in a timely manner. If site organizations do not consume the chemicals within a reasonable time
period, then other avenues of disposition are pursued by the CCMC. The chemicals are advertised for
donation to another DOE site through the Energy Asset Disposal System (EADS) program;offered for
donations to state agencies or charitable organizations through state screening programs; offered for sale
on a competitive bid to different companies through the SRS procurement department; sold at a site
auction; or, after all other avenues have been exhausted, declared as waste and disposed of in the
appropriate manner.
SRS has active programs on waste minimization and pollution prevention for operating facilities.
Examples include lead management, ozone depleting substances/refrigerant management, and other
programs. SRS prepares annual regulatory reports on Air Emissions Inventory, EPCRA Tier II Annual
Chemical Inventory, SARA Section 313 Toxic Chemical Release Inventory, etc. to demonstrate progress
in the reduction of hazardous material inventories or releases to the environment.
2.8 Emergency Management
SRS has site-level policies and procedures in place to satisfy the Emergency Management program
requirements from DOE Order O151.1A, Comprehensive Emergency Management System. The Director
of Safeguards, Security and Emergency Services Division manages the Emergency Management Program
at SRS.
The Emergency Services Manager is responsible for implementation of the Savannah River Site
Emergency Plan, which is a collaborative effort between the DOE-SR, WSRC, and the Site Security
contractor. The SRS Emergency Plan lays the foundation for the SRS emergency preparedness program,
provides a coordinated approach to emergency response and mitigation at the site, and meets the
requirements mandated by law and DOE orders. The Emergency Services manager is also responsible for
implementing the Emergency Preparedness Program at SRS and for ensuring that the requirements for
emergency responder training, as identified in 29 CFR 1910.120, are met.
The "SRS Emergency Plan" is implemented through the company-level "SRS Emergency Plan
Emergency Management Procedures Manual," which establishes sitewide programmatic policies,
standards, guidelines and requirements for emergency preparedness.
SRS facilities that contain hazardous materials in quantities that exceed predetermined thresholds will
complete the facility Emergency Preparedness Hazards Assessment. These documents are developed and

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